The battle of keeping the home clean and germ-free is constant and unyielding. The average American works 60 to 80 hours a week, has a couple of children engaged in extracurricular activities, and is struggling to balance work and home life. Striving to keep the home clean is an additional stress. In fact, in a recent survey, most Americans said they would prefer to hire a housekeeper over a personal chef.

“Germs are lurking everywhere,” says Robert Birkholz, owner of King of Clean, LLC, a locally owned premiere cleaning service. “And you don’t know where people have been and what they are bringing into your home.”

King of Clean

Who knows what germs your fur babies are tracking across your dining room table.

People pass germs from their hands, mouth, nose, hair and other exposed skin. Traveling from one meeting to the next, one activity to the next, opening doors, sneezing, eating in restaurants, touching goods in grocery stores, preparing food in the home kitchen and using bathrooms, people regularly pass viruses and bacteria as they share spaces. For the most part, our immune systems fight many of the toxins we encounter, however, over time the toxic load can become taxing.

Keeping the home and work spaces clean with disinfectants is a priority to help minimize harmful bacteria. Using nontoxic chemical cleaners is even more important. “You can clean your home regularly, but our advanced cleaning system protects your home from bacteria for up to three months, ensuring your home is as clean as it can possibly be,” says Robert. “Our system is an enhancement to your normal cleaning routine, but necessary because we get in the places your cleaners can’t.”

King of Clean

King of Clean’s mission is to create and inspire a safe and clean environment for each customer through innovation, superior service and fair value.

King of Clean

King of Clean protects and cleans from the inside out, also offering superior window-cleaning and pressure-washing services for residential, commercial and industrial spaces.

King of Clean uses electrostatic technology with Vital Oxide to clean and protect your home for 60 to 90 days. Vital Oxide is 99.999% effective for killing mold, bacteria and viruses, including MRSA, H1N1, eColi and Salmonella. The electrostatic system charges the Vital Oxide activating the disinfectant against an opposing charged target. Our homes and furnishings are negatively charged, the liquid cleaner is positively charged, and the electrostatic system directs the opposing charges to effectively kill germs. The opposing charges attract to each other and bond, which is how the Vital Oxide effectively kills germs.

Germs can survive on surface areas for months. The electrostatic system provides a greater surface area of coverage, making it most effective. The electrostatic spray-gun technology is used in hard-to-reach spaces, allowing the spray to penetrate areas a wiping cloth or mop cannot, as the droplets from the spray seep into cracks and crevices, the invisible places, effectively reaching all surface areas, so your home is clean and protected.

This cutting-edge system is also environmentally friendly. In fact, Vital Oxide is EPA-registered and NSF-certified, meaning the products meet strict standards for environmental and public health protection. It is odorless and is safe to spray on fabrics, hard and soft surface areas and food areas, and no rinse is required. The deodorizer removes smells from fireplaces, pets, shoes and other general odors by neutralizing them and cleaning the air in the home and office. And you don’t have to evacuate your home during the treatment, because the system is safe around pets and humans of all ages.

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King of Clean

It is imperative to protect your home from harmful germs, especially when babies and the elderly are in the home.

Our bodies adapt to our environments, however, subtle shifts in the environment can have great effects. Robert shared a story of a client’s son, who came home from college and brought all his dormitory germs with him. The home environment was compromised, and everyone ended up sick. Additionally, pets move from outside to inside throughout the day, tracking germs and odors into your home. With King of Clean’s electrostatic Vital Oxide cleaning technology, you are more than clean and smelling fresh, you are protected from harmful germs.

This revolutionary system is not a replacement for cleaning your home — you will need to continue your normal cleaning routine. Rather, this cleaning technology is an enhancement designed to increase the value of your biggest investment, your home, and to protect your greatest asset, your health.

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