Nestled in the Regalia Shopping Center is a chic little boutique that has found a perfect niche in Memphis. Backed by the vision and expertise of owners Michael and Amy Egerman, Dazzle offers high-quality, on-trend jewelry, handbags, gifts and accessories at affordable prices.

“Amy provides the vision,” Michael says. “She knows the style, the scale and the aesthetics we need for our customers.”

And when it comes to ensuring the quality of every item Dazzle offers, Michael’s extensive background in residential home furnishings as both a buyer and seller comes into play. He knows the details of the process of creation and was trained to ask the right questions about how each item is made. “He has impeccable standards,” says Amy.

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

The boutique’s displays are, well, dazzling — a feast for the eyes!

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

The custom-built display cabinets are carefully and tastefully arranged so it is easy to take your time and look around.  “We cover a lot of categories and price points,” says Michael.

With over 1,500 pieces available in the boutique, Michael and Amy have intentionally created displays that are organized into brands and categories, creating a streamlined shopping experience for the discerning shopper. The eye is drawn upward by stunning contemporary crystal chandeliers. The beautiful artwork on sale blends harmoniously with stylish personal accessories, home decor and gift ideas. The wide aisles are comfortable for browsing, and the whole shop has a fluid, easy feel.

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Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Lovely pottery catches your eye as you walk in the door. You’ll find a wonderful variety of shapes, sizes and hues.

The Egermans met in college at The University of Alabama, married after graduation and moved several times before landing in Memphis. When Michael’s job again entailed a move, their youngest daughter made the case for remaining in Memphis. She’d already begun high school here, and Michael had tired of time-consuming overseas travel for his work. That’s when they decided to use Michael’s experience in merchandising and Amy’s in advertising to open a boutique of their own. So, they started to do their homework.

“Amy identified a void in Memphis,” Michael says. “She saw a great high-end presence here for accessories and a great low-end presence, but a lack of an on-trend middle option, with good quality design, scale and materials. One of her great strengths is determining a customer’s individual style and working with it.”

Amy and Michael have applied that approach to the customer service at Dazzle. Everyone on staff loves to help customers find the perfect accents for any outfit, whether it’s a go-to, everyday look or something more upscale. Customers often bring in a special occasion dress or suit and ask for ideas to complete the look.

“Over time, our customers have built a confidence in our vision and taste,” Amy says.

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Metallics add an elegant touch to any outfit. “We find the right products by venturing further out,” says Amy. “We search markets from all over the U.S.” Image: Dazzle

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Dazzle has a wide selection of trendy, fun pieces of jewelry that will add something special your outfit or delight a friend as a gift! Image: Dazzle

Customers usually fall into two categories: those on a mission to find the perfect gift or accessory for an occasion, or the casual shopper who drops by once a week or so just to see what’s new. The goal is the same for both: to build long-term relationships. Michael and Amy stress customer service over making a sale. “We’d rather not sell anything than sell the wrong thing,” Michael says.

The aim is to create an effortless and individual style “without looking like you are trying too hard,” he adds.

Dazzle offers price points from $20 to $300 with jewelry, giving customers a nice range. They carry many different lines and are experts in combining different brands to curate an individual look. Handling their own buying allows them to support local artists as well.

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Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Mix-and-match bracelets add a dash of color to your day!

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

A dainty necklace by Gorjana is an everyday piece that adds a delicate touch to any outfit.

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

The store also offers a nicely curated selection of handbags. “We are a handbag destination,” Amy explains. “We’ve got cross-bodies, totes, clutches, casual, special occasion — and we offer both vegan and leather lines.” With around 200 on display, you are sure to find the perfect bag to complete your look.

Dazzle opened in 2007 and has found the Regalia Shopping Center location to be a perfect fit. It is centrally located, easily accessible to shoppers from Germantown, East Memphis and Midtown. With lots of parking, the shop is easy to get in and out of without a lot of hustle and bustle. The adjoining specialty stores and dining options make Regalia “a great place just to hang out,” Michael explains, which suits the welcoming atmosphere of Dazzle perfectly.

As the clientele has grown, so have the offerings. “We respond to what our customers want,” says Amy. “If they express an interest in a new category of merchandise, we are willing to dip our toe in the water!”

In addition to personal accessories, Dazzle offers a wide range of gift options. You’ll find tasty treats, leather goods, 901 hats, luggage tags, tableware and more.

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Dazzle recently added a few lines of clothing that include ponchos, wraps and Spanx leggings. We love these casual and comfy oversized shirts!

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Voluspa candles are decorative and smell divine. They make a perfect hostess gift, but we think they are also a lovely way to treat yourself!

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Fun gifts for the guys!

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

Bubbly Bears from Sugarfina make a great gift — add a piece of pottery for something really special. The staff at Dazzle loves to combine items for the perfect gift. Image: Dazzle

Dazzle: A Gift and Accessory Shop That Memphis Loves

“We see a major focus on big earrings as a future trend,” says Michael. “Not just statement earrings – we’re going to see larger hoops in gold and silver.” Image: Dazzle

Michael and Amy love to offer pieces that shoppers can’t find anywhere else, and they work with both national brands and local artisans to get exclusives and limited distribution items for their customers. The layout of the store makes it easy to see and touch what they are buying, which is a great contrast to buying similar merchandise online. And they make sure the displays are fresh and new, reflecting current and upcoming styles. “We don’t have to invest in major runway clothing trends,” Amy explains. “But we are aware of the trends so that we can complement them.”

For jewelry, Michael sees texture and dimension as a fun new trend. “There’s a movement away from ‘festival boho’ to clean, asymmetrical and architectural lines,” he says. “Celestial elements will be big — stars, for example. Layering is a great trend, because you can do it with delicate necklaces or with bolder statement pieces. Animal print as an accent will remain popular, and sparkle for the holidays will always be in style.”

Dazzle is located at 6150 Poplar Ave Suite 116, Memphis, TN 38119, in the Regalia Shopping Center. Hours are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and holiday hours (Thanksgiving through Christmas) are Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Sunday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Call (901) 755-8393 or visit to learn more.


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