Just a few years ago, I wrote a piece on how stud earrings, and going without earrings, was a definite trend and large, statement earrings were out. Today, I’m saying the statement earring is not just back a little bit, it’s back in a huge way … with huge earrings. In all fairness, they’ve been back for a couple of years, but they are definitely mainstream now, in case you’ve missed it.

Several years ago, I pointed out ads and fashion spreads showcasing trends that were earring-free. I also pointed out that one of the most popular fashion bloggers in America, Blair Edie of Atlantic-Pacific, never wore earrings. Well, while she still often is photographed sans earrings, she also now wears them quite frequently … but only if they make a big, eye-catching statement. We’re not talking studs here.

Those are not wallflower earrings. Those are LOOK-AT-ME statements. Image: Atlantic Pacific Blog

At church a couple of weeks ago, I saw a gal in the communion line wearing enormous brown feather earrings. Yep, earrings that would just a few years ago have been considered costume-like are head-turners today, even at 8 a.m. Sunday services.

Here are a few more examples of large earrings making a huge impact on the fashion world today:

I cannot fathom how heavy these must be, but a statement they do make! Image: W Magazine

These are from Naeem Khan Spring 2016 runway … and this year off-the-runway gals are starting to consider them with interest. Image: ImaxTree

And a year later, in 2017, large earrings still owned the runway like these from Tory Burch. Image: Getty

With the large hoop earrings and mules, you may think this is a pic from the ’90s, but no, it’s one from 2017. Image: collagevintage.com

Ready for the beach and warm weather? So are these earrings! These are found at D.C.-based store Tuckernuck.

Off the runway and in the real world, the easiest way to wear big, statement earrings is to have them be the hero of your outfit. If you add too many “look at me” items, it can be too much. Let those babies shine!

So, here are three options for large, statement earrings found around our city:

These statement earrings can be found at Kittie Kyle for $135 and $165.

These beauties are available at T Clifton for $85.

Feathers are a timeless jewelry look. Find these striking magenta feathered earrings for $200 at Social.

Feathers are a timeless jewelry look. Find these striking magenta feathered earrings for $200 at Social.

These tassel earrings showcase options for smaller or larger statements! Find these at Spruce for $124 (long ones) and $26 (smaller ones).

And, if you are lucky enough to have some vintage statement earrings in your jewelry box, this is the season to get them out!


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