Summer is the time to embrace adventure, explore parts unknown … and take a picture of yourself, or your group, on your adventure so you can share with friends and family alike. From stunning outdoor sculptural installations to expansive cavern tours, the Southeast is full of great opportunities to pose for a great selfie (or “groupie” when more than one person is in the photo!). We’ve pulled together a list of photo-worthy attractions in some of our favorite cities in the South, so grab your camera and be prepared to encounter some truly breathtaking sights. Say “cheese”! It’s fun seeing you, but a cool backdrop makes the shot oh-so-fun!

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens: Jaume Plesna’s Human Landscapes (Nashville)

Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and Museum of Art’s expansive grounds are spectacular on their own. But decorated with the massive sculptures of renowned Spanish artist Jaume Plensa, they are simply breathtaking! As his largest exhibition to date in the United States, Human Landscapes explores the duality of human nature, the interplay of mind and body. Plensa integrates his sculptures into the landscape, utilizing the evocative effects of light, water and sound. Many of the sculptures are illuminated at night, so grab your camera and visit at dusk for a great photo op with the whole family! Several of Plensa’s large sculptures can also be seen at The Frist Center for the Visual Arts.

Self-Portrait by Jaume Plensa at Cheekwood

Self Portrait by Jaume Plensa, on display at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens until November 1. Image credit: Cheekwood

Pose in one of Plensa's sculptures at Cheekwood

Many of Plesna’s sculptures are interactive, allowing viewers to climb inside and take pics! Image credit: The Tennessean

The Parthenon in Centennial Park: Athena (Nashville)

The replica of the Parthenon, errected in the 1920’s in Nashville’s Centennial Park, continues to be an iconic landmark and is a popular venue for formal wedding receptions and private events. The athena statue, which sits at its center, was commissioned in 1982 and constructed and completed by artist Alen LeQuire by 1990. The stunning recreation is pretty breathtaking. It’s size alone makes it a great backdrop for a selfie!

Strike a pose with Athena at the Parthenon

The renowned Athena sculpture in the Parthenon at Centennial Park is a beacon of athletic prowess. Strike a pose with this golden girl! Image credit: @sarabillphoto

The Memphis Zoo: Giant Pandas

Explore foreign parts of the world and encounter exciting wildlife at The Memphis Zoo which is known for its extensive assortment of exotic animals. They are proud to be one of only four zoos in the United States with giant pandas. Their pair, named “Le Le” and “Ya Ya,” are truly gorgeous beings that should be witnessed. Grab your whole family and spend a summer day at the zoo. Don’t forget to bring your camera and pose in front of  penguin rock or in the tropical birdhouse!

Say "cheese" for the pandas at the Memphis Zoo

The pandas Le Le and Ya Ya at the Memphis Zoo are quite the attraction! Snap a selfie with one of these furry friends! Image Credit: Facebook

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Bruce Munro’s Light

Atlanta Botanical Garden is illuminated this summer by the fascinated sculptural installation created by world renowned contemporary artist Bruce Munro. His innovative sculptures are created from miles of optic fiber and are placed throughout the gardens, encouraging guests to wander through this colorful oasis. This is Munro’s largest exhibit in the Southeast to date (on display until October 3), and should not be missed! So come take part in the enchantment.

Bruce Munro's light sculpture at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Bruce Munro’s incredible light installation at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is a romantic backdrop for a selfie! Image credit: Instagram

Jasmine HillGardens: Greek Sculptures (near Montgomery, Alabama)

One of the most beloved outdoor spaces in Alabama is Jasmine Hill Gardens and Outdoor Museum. Regarded as “the little corner of Greece,” Jasmine Hill has over 20 acres decorated with hundreds of replicas classical Greek and Roman sculptures, as well as countless seasonal blooms. A locus of art and natural beauty, Jasmine Hill is a great place to engross yourself in culture, while also providing a great photo opportunity with a polished Greek god or in front of the pillared facade.

Greek replicas at Jasmine Hill

Jasmine Hill is home to numerous replicas of classical Greek and Roman statues. Image credit: Facebook

Image credit: @panda_scene

Image credit: @panda_scene

Louisville: Mega Cavern Zip Line

Nothing says summertime adventure like zip lining through Louisville’s Mega Cavern. Created in the middle of the 20th century by a massive limestone quarry, the cavern stretches over 100 acres beneath the Louisville Zoo. Tours are available to explore these parts unknown, featuring six zip lines, challenge bridges and other exploits that will boost your adrenaline! The Mega Cavern is a fantastic family adventure, promising exciting views and activities, as well as countless photo opportunities.

Zip linning through the Mega Cavern takes guts!

Louisville’s Mega Cavern has miles of adventures for the whole family to enjoy! Image credit: Facebook

Prove to your friends you toured the Mega Cavern via zip line!

If you have the courage to zip line through the mega cavern, make sure you take a pic to brag to all of your friends! Image credit: Facebook

Asheville: Waterfall Tours

North Caroline is home to beautiful outdoor scenery, including breathtaking falls. The Brevard Loop Waterfall tour, the Highlands Waterfall tour and the Chimney Rock Waterfall are merely a few of the fantastic falls that welcome guests from around the world. Gather your family, friends, backpacks and hiking boots and hit the trails with camera in hand. Trust us, late summer and early fall is such a great time to explore these natural wonders!

Visit Chimney Rock in Ashville for a great family adventure

Asheville’s incredible waterfalls attract thousands of locals and tourists each year. Image credit: Facebook

Snap a selfie atop of one of Ashville's scenic peaks

Snap a selfie atop of one of Ashville’s scenic peaks, overlooking a waterfall. Image credit: Facebook

Hotel 21 C: David (Louisville … although other 21 C’s exist and they are all fabulous)

Hotel 21 C is tucked in Louisville historic downtown district. It houses beautiful suites with modern furnishings, a highly-ranked restaurant and bar, as well as a contemporary art museum. Outside of the hotel sits a massive replica of Michelangelo’s David conceived by conceptual artist Serkan Özkaya for the 9th International Istanbul Biennial in 2005. The sculpture collapsed prior to the opening and was then acquired by 21C Museum. This grand piece is a great backdrop for a selfie!

Hotel 21 C's gold David replica has garnered lots of attention!

Hotel 21 C‘s gold David replica has garnered lots of attention in this urban area of Louisville. Image credit: Facebook

Snap a picture with this polished and buff figure of David

Snap a picture with this polished and buff figure of David at Louisville’s Hotel 21 C. Image credit: Facebook

In the day of the selfie, get some cultural action in them as well … It’s fun to see you, but we want to see where you are and wish we were there, too!

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