This month, in addition to a bevy of summer-worthy FINDS, we are also spotlighting some decidedly masculine options to celebrating dads everywhere. Plus, we have a healthy lineup of must-haves for the home, the garden, your wardrobe and more!


Lilly dresses

Nothing screams SUMMER! like a Lilly Pulitzer dress, and there’s a new crop of sheaths and  sundresses to check out at The Pink Door. $178 and up

Pink Door Memphis

Fun, fresh, and summer-tastic: Lilly dresses at The Pink Door, $178 and up

Bed Stu Vick duffel bag

A rugged, washed canvas duffel is just the ticket for the dad who has everything, because he can always use an upgrade to his carry-on. With leather detailing, an adjustable/removable shoulder strap and three large exterior pockets (and three interior pockets, too), it’s a deal at $98. From Lansky 126

Bed Stu duffle at Lansky 126

Sporty and stylish, the Vick duffel from Bed Stu, $98 at Lansky 126

Vintage button necklace

Make a bold, yet elegant, statement with this vintage button necklace. $330 from Blu D’or

vintage button necklace at blue d'or

Make a statement, without saying a word. $330, Blue D’or Interiors

Quartz hair ties

Keep a hair tie handy all summer long with this double-duty gem from Memphis crafter Kristen Keegan of the Etsy shop Good Egg Goods. No-snag hair elastics, $25, feature colorful quartz pieces trimmed in vermeil, and each month she donates a portion of all sales to a nonprofit organization … look good, do good!

Good Egg Goods hiar ties

It’s a hair tie, a bracelet and a way to help a cause. $25 from Good Egg Goods

Clutch purse

Put some shine into summer with a metallic, roll-top, leather clutch that can pair with just about any outfit. From Kittie Kyle, $218

clutch purse from Kittie Kyle

This bronze leather clutch can go from garden party to the Levitt Shell. $218 at Kittie Kyle


Copper fountain

If you’ve ever been to Urban Gardner, then you’ve seen these gorgeous copper fountains made by Jim Chrisco. Some stand alone, some hang on the wall and all are unique. Prices vary. [SB Tip: Chrisco will be at the store from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on June 20, where he’ll weld new creations.]

Custom copper fountains at the Urban Gardner. Prices vary.

Custom copper fountains at the Urban Gardner. Prices vary

Fishy oil painting

For the fisherman, there’s nothing better than the reminder of that big catch, captured beautifully by artist David Liles. $198, Sheffield Antiques

David Liles Oil Painting

The one that didn’t get away from David Liles at Sheffield Antiques. $198

Fluted pottery

We adore the rough-hewn, but oh-so-classic look of handcrafted pottery, and this huge bowl with fluted edges is a superstar. Use it for summer salads, as a chic ice bucket or fill it with fruit. $200 from La Maison

Kudzu Pottery from La Maison

A huge, fluted bowl by Kudzu Pottery can be a statement piece or a functional serving piece. $200 at La Maison

All-natural laundry soaps and more

Small batch-made in California, B & N offers laundry soap, a stain stick and felted wool dryer balls, with prices from $10 to $30. All are all-natural, have no dyes or chemicals, and are good for frontloading washers (no suds!). The dryer balls decrease dry times from 30 percent to 40 percent, and you can add essential oils to them, too. At me & mrs. jones

B & N laundry supplies

All-natural laundry soap & more at me & mrs. jones, $10 to $30

Simple white vases

Widemouthed and handcrafted, these simple white vases, $18.99, are functional, as well as fashionable, morphing from utensil holder to flower vase in a snap. Find them at Le Fleur.

Simple and elegant white vases, $18.99, from LeFleur.

Simple and elegant white vases, $18.99 from Le Fleur


Guitar art

Take his vintage (rarely used?) guitar, add some sheet music and picks, and you’ve got an heirloom conversation piece for the man cave. $700-ish, depending on the size of the guitar and embellishments, at T Clifton Art.

A simple guitar transforms into a custom conversatino piece at T. Clifton, $700 & up.

A simple guitar transforms into a custom conversation piece at T Clifton, prices vary.

Camp Cards

After looking high and low for appropriate cards for their campers, Elizabeth Glass Henderson (a former Memphian) and Megan Peach decided to take matters into their own hands, so that campers everywhere had a cheery card to open while away. The result is Camp Cards! Order a pack of seven different camp-themed greeting cards that you can send to your happy (or homesick) camper. $19.95 at Camp Cards Now

Camp Cards, $19.95 for a pack of seven

Camp Cards, $19.95 for a pack of seven

Y-ply lightweight lounger

This super-easy, one-click-open accessory helps you lounge outdoors, offering support in a number of positions—at the beach, the park or just about anywhere. Use it as a lower backrest to lean into, to cradle your neck when lying down or as a footrest. It works on all types of soft ground where the legs can be stuck into sand, gravel, pebbles and grass. $44 at Social

The Y-ply lounger can be used as a foot stool, back rest, and more. $44, at Social, a Shop for Gracious Living.

The Y-ply lounger can be used as a foot stool, backrest and more. $44 at Social

Pocket Monkey

Is that a monkey in your wallet? Yes! The Pocket Monkey, a TSA-approved gadget that is slim and efficient. The Pocket Monkey comes in two sizes, slips into a wallet and offers 12 utility tools in a single, stainless steel gadget. $12 at Dixie Pickers

A Pocket Monkey is the perfect gadget for any Dad. $12, at Dixie Pickers.

A Pocket Monkey is the perfect gadget for any dad. $12 at Dixie Pickers


The Blessing Book

This book is a labor of love that includes words from “The Blessing Song” and beautiful watercolor illustrations by Memphian Julia Azar. It also includes a CD featuring “The Blessing Song,” sung by Leigh Nash (from Sixpence None the Richer), along with 12 instrumental hymns. $29.99 at Social

The Blessing Book

The “Blessing Book,” $29.99 at Social

Our Kind of Traitor by John le Carré

A tale of intrigue and money laundering, as told only as John le Carré can, is the classic gift for dads who love a good thriller. At Booksellers for $25

There's nothing better than an old-school thriller form the master of the spy novel. At Booksellers.

There’s nothing better than an old-school thriller from the master of the spy novel. At Booksellers, $25


Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine ($99.99) is an activity and sleep monitor that tracks your steps, laps, miles and your sleep cycles. Shine comes with a clip and band for versatility, or you can upgrade with a Bloom necklace ($80) for ultimate wearability. Choice of 10 cool colors from Misfit

Misfit Shine, with optional neckalce, $1

The Misfit Shine ($99) disc comes with a clip and band, or you can choose to add a bloom necklace ($80). From Misfit

Edyn smart garden system

It may be the hottest preorder of the summer season. Edyn’s smart garden system sensor, $99, is a Wi-Fi-enabled, solar-powered, weather and soil monitor that tracks and analyzes data in real time, then sends you push notifications to let you know what your garden needs. Pair it with the water valve, $59, which hooks up to your existing sprinkler or drip irrigation system, and it even automatically waters your plants, based on how much moisture they actually need. Preorder at; shipping begins this month.

The Edyn valve, $59, part of the Edyn smart water system.

The Edyn valve, $59, part of the Edyn smart water system. From

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