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There once was an elf named Amanda, and she, together with her faithful assistant, Martha, set forth to find the very best gifts and services Memphis has to offer at deeply discounted prices. They went hither and yon, through the woods and over dales to assemble an amazing list of our favorite retailers and services to complement your holiday shopping.

Meet StyleBlueprint’s two favorite elves — Martha Davis (left), our Memphis Customer Success Representative, and Amanda Stanfill (right), our Memphis Sales Manager.

They first thought what do women really want? (Seriously, didn’t Freud ask that eons ago?), but they knew at their fingertips were some of the best boutiques, shops, restaurants and service providers in Memphis. So once they finished their rounds, they assembled all of their favorite deals together and are ready to announce StyleBlueprint’s 2nd Annual Holiday Deals.

Not only are most of the deals at least 50% off, but these ladies selected a variety of stores so you can find something for everyone in your home. We’re serious when we say that our two elves, Amanda and Martha, found the best of the best! And make note that ALL deals are live and available for purchase today!

Here’s how Holiday Deals work:

  • Sign up to receive the Holiday Deals by clicking here.
  • You may already have an SB Deals account, and if so, you can log in here.
  • Beginning TODAY, you can purchase every SB Deal listed.
  • Many will sell out fast, so we suggest you don’t wait to purchase.
  • Once you purchase the SB Deal, you will be sent a confirmation email to print your deal.  You may also show the SB Deal confirmation on your phone to the merchant when you go to the store or service provider.

Here’s what we want you to know:

  • The StyleBlueprint team has endorsed each and every SB Deal. You can expect impeccable service and great merchandise from each of our Holiday Deal partners.
  • All Holiday Deals will expire at the end of March. If you forget to use your deal, you may redeem the value of the deal for up to 5 years. (We didn’t make up that rule, it’s Tennessee State Law.)
  • SB Deals are not refundable, but if you need help finding something you like, let us know. We know all of the store managers, and they’re ready to help.
  • Here is a list of frequently asked questions.
  • If you have any questions that aren’t answered in our FAQs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Happy shopping and enjoy the incredible savings!

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