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If you’re bored with your surroundings right now, you’re not alone. You may be doing some DIY projects or shopping online for new home decor pieces to add to the mix. You also may be considering some room rearranging. But before you start shifting your spaces, heed this advice from some of Memphis’ top interior designers, who share the do’s and don’ts for reimagining your most-loved and well-used rooms.

Memphis Interior Designers’ Top Tips for Room Rearranging

Don’t fear unused space.

“Don’t line the room with furniture pushed against the walls, and don’t feel like you have to hang something on every empty wall. However, do think about how the room looks when you enter and give your favorite pieces an important position,” says Becca Gaines of B. Gaines Interior Design.

Eliminate clutter.

“The first thing to do is eliminate any clutter or things that have accumulated. Ask yourself if you really need those things. Try to simplify,” explains Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Interior Design. “After you rearrange, don’t give up too soon on your new arrangement. Many of us are slow to accept change. Give it a few days or a week. If you still don’t like it, rearrange again or switch it back.”

Workspace for Memphis for room rearranging tips

Rearranging a workspace can make all the difference right now! Designer: Lindsey Black Interiors | Image: Stefanie Rawlinson Photography

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Leave room to walk.

“Edit, edit, edit!” says Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors. “Edit things you don’t love anymore or are broken. For a home office, if possible, have your desk facing a window so you can look outside. Leave three feet of walking space for optimal room flow and eliminate unnecessary furniture.”

Float the furniture.

“For a living room, consider making separate, defined conversation areas, particularly for a larger room or one that is longer and more narrow. For a home office, consider floating the desk in the room rather than pushing it up against a wall. It’s guaranteed to give you a better view and make it feel less confining,” Lindsey Black of Lindsey Black Interiors says. For any room, her biggest don’t is not to block the space’s natural flow of traffic.

Rearrange the art.

One thing Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design likes to do is rearrange the artwork on the walls. “It gives the room a whole new look!” she says.

Find the focal point.

“First, figure out your focal point in the space. Usually, it will be an architectural detail like a fireplace or how the windows are configured in the room, or where the television is,” says Missy Steffens of M. Steffens Interiors. “Then, place your largest piece of furniture, whether it is your bed, sofa or desk (the largest piece). It will guide your space and determine your walkways. Second, vary your height in furniture from chairs to adding a bookcase or floor lamp. The room will need a strong vertical. Art can come into play here as well. You want to create an interesting undulation across your space. Third, filling back in with smaller furniture and accessories is the fun part. Break the rules: mix up materials, textures and colors.”

Embrace natural light.

“When I moved to Memphis over 20 years ago, the first thing I noticed was all the green space Memphis had to offer and how beautiful it was in the spring with everything in bloom!” says Selena McAdams of spruce. “So, in light of our current state, do open your draperies and shades! Do rotate your home office desk to catch a view of the outdoors! Do steal from any other room in your house to make this space feel inviting. Because, let’s face it, we’re all working inside but deserve to feel happy in our own spaces!”

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Remember: There are NO rules!

“The easiest update to a room is to change the furniture arrangement. I used to do this all the time when I was younger, and it really feels like a whole new space when you move the furniture around! Remember furniture doesn’t always have to up against the wall,” says Tara Engelberg of Tara Felice Interiors. “Pull it toward the middle of the room to create a cozy close-proximity seating arrangement. It also makes the room seem larger, which is probably counter-intuitive to what you think. Get funky, get adventurous! There are no rules, so try anything no matter how crazy or off the wall it may seem. Remember you can always move it back if it doesn’t work.”

Have fun with your rearranging — and cheers to stylish spaces!


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