It’s Thanksgiving, so surely you’ve heard mention of — and perhaps a joke or two about — Turducken, right? That near-mystical Thanksgiving main dish that consists of a deboned turkey stuffed with a deboned duck stuffed with a deboned chicken and cooked and served as one thing? Yes, a Turducken. Apparently, in England, they have one called a Gooducken, which is the same thing — just swap a deboned goose for the turkey.

Not to be outdone by the main meal, desserts have their own layered superstar with a triple-layered Thanksgiving dessert that similarly layers separate foods to create something altogether new. It’s called PieCaken. That’s right, it’s part pie and part cake. It’s pecan pie layered with pumpkin pie layered with apple upside-down cake all encased with a thick coating of cinnamon buttercream frosting topped with apple pie filling and granola crumbles on the side.

PieCaken. It’s a thing, and it’s amazing!

Here’s an up-close view of the PieCaken. You know you want to try this!

Let that all sink in. That’s right, one slice affords you the tastes of all these Thanksgiving traditions, still separate but layered.

Now, if you make a side of layered mashed potatoes, dressing and Brussels sprouts, you can just put out three things on the day of thanks: Turkduken, Podressels (our pretend side) and PieCaken. One thing is for sure, for $75, we’re ordering this PieCaken bad boy for a dessert as everyone will remember it and talk about, and it brings a fun, new, unexpected twist to the holiday table. We’ve heard it’s actually really tasty, so here’s to you, weird dessert! We’re in!

PieCaken is the brainchild of renowned NYC pastry chef Zac Young, the Pastry Director for Craveable Hospitality. It’s been featured on Oprah’s “O-List,” “Live with Kelly and Michael,” CNN, the New York Times and Bon Appetit. Each PieCaken serves 12-16 people and weighs almost six pounds! They ship nationwide, but times running out, so order your triple layer, sure-to-impress PieCaken (say that 10 times fast) TODAY!

Order PieCaken HERE.


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