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Chef Phillip Ashley Rix

Phillip Ashley takes chocolate to unexplored heights! Chef Phillip Ashley Rix’s couture candies are of the highest creativity and quality. He uses the most luxurious fair trade chocolate and believes that “every chocolate should tell a story.”

Our Memphis-based, award-winning chocolatier was named one of America’s Best Confectioners and Chocolatiers in 2013 by TasteTV for his dynamic ingredient combinations and unique designer chocolates. Chef Phillip began his journey upward in 2007, self-training in the difficult art of chocolate. In 2012, he exited a more than 10-year career in the creative marketing field with FedEx, UPS and Apple to pursue the art of chocolate making. Highpoints in his candy-making career have included commissions to create chocolates for the Emmy awards in 2012 and for the Oscars in 2013!

Phillip Ashley

The Phillip Ashley Midtown Chocolate Design Studio & Boutique; photo via Phillip Ashley on Facebook.

Marie Antoinette and Jubilee

Three cake-based chocolates make up Phillip Ashley’s newest collection. He introduced this set of heart shaped delights in July. One is called “What’s Up Doc,” a carrot cake chocolate; “Blanket,” chocolate covered strawberry cake; and  “Red Crushed Velvet,” red velvet cake and mascarpone. Yum! And what a wonderful favor for girls of all ages!

Another tasty bit that joined the Phillip Ashley menu this month is “Jubilee,” modeled after a cherries jubilee dessert with flavors of sour cherry and buttered orange.

Phillip Ashley

Chef Phillip sorting the chocolates for display.

Phillip Ashley_Marie Antoinette chocolates in the making.

These are on the way to becoming Marie Antoinette chocolates.

Marie Antoinette chocolates att Phillip Ashley

Marie Antoinette chocolates at Phillip Ashley (top to bottom): “What’s Up Doc,” a carrot cake chocolate; “Blanket,” chocolate covered strawberry cake; and “Red Crushed Velvet,” red velvet cake and mascarpone. Photo courtesy of Phillip Ashley.

Phillip Ashley

The current collection on display at Phillip Ashley’s Midtown studio.

A Presence in Portugal

Churchill’s Port, based in Portugal, is one of Chef Phillip’s most recent commissions. This high-end port wine company is now carrying Phillip Ashley’s “Porto” chocolates as part of the Churchill product line. Impressive!

Churchill Port and Phillip Ashley

Churchill Port and Phillip Ashley. Photo via Churchill’s Port on Facebook.

The Taste of Memphis Collection

Chef Phillip’s selection of designer chocolates that all Memphians should sample was inspired by the legendary cuisine for which Memphis is famous … BBQ. If you want to share a creative taste of Memphis with anyone, send  a box of these Memphis-inspired candies!

The Taste of Memphis is a 6-piece collection. We tried and loved them all, but don’t miss “Memphis,” a combination of world famous BBQ sauce blended with 62% dark chocolate or “Coco Loco,” a blend of coconut, pineapple and Meyer lemon white chocolate. Deliciously fun and distinctive!

Phillip Ashley

Designer chocolates at Phillip Ashley! Pictured: the “Taste of Memphis” collection. Photo via Phillip Ashley Chocolates on Facebook.

Tastemaker Thursday

Tasting is believing, right? We enjoyed a decadent night out in the middle of the week at the Phillip Ashley Midtown Chocolate Design Studio & Boutique: Tastemaker Thursdays at Phillip Ashley take place on the third Thursday of each month. Chef Phillip privately hosts a local tasting event like no other for this ultra-exclusive evening. Only the first 25 serious chocolate lovers to make reservations attend, so buy your online ticket early, $30 per person. Each monthly tasting presents a new theme with specially selected designer chocolate pairings, light hors d’oeuvres, jazz music and good company. Seriously, can you think of a nicer crowd than one with a shared love of chocolate?

Our delectable night featured Touring Tequila: Tequila Varietals paired with Spicy Chocolates. The next Tastemaker Thursday is on August 21, called “International Wine Day,” featuring Wines from Frederick Wildman & Sons. Make your reservation (soon!) online:

Phillip Ashley

Tastemaker Thursday staff (l to r): coloring expert Dina Kratzke, Chef Phillip and assistant, Yvette.

Phillip Ashley_Tastemaker Thursday.

Pairings of tequila varietals and spicy chocolates were the theme for July’s Tastemaker Thursday.

Special Events at the Cooper-Young Studio

If you cannot make it to Tastemaker Thursday, you can still enjoy a similar “chocolate” event that you create! Chef Phillip says that he has hosted custom private tastings at his Midtown studio for everything from bridal showers to birthday parties, girls’ nights to company celebrations, from private seated tastings for 8 to cocktail parties for up to 40 people.

Phillip Ashley special event

Phillip Ashley hosts private shopping and custom events such as this bridal party, complete with chocolates and champagne! Photo courtesy of Phillip Ashley.

And this fall, Phillip Ashley has a huge Masquerade Charity Ball in the works. A sweet place to be on Halloween night … save the date!

Masquerade Ball with Phillip Ashley

Watch for this grand Phillip Ashley event in October!

Building an International Clientele

Memphis is lucky to have Chef Phillip’s designer chocolates right around the corner in Cooper-Young, but to accommodate his worldwide following, Phillip Ashley has added a new online shopping experience, launched just this week! The new site is a super design, fun to browse and it will allow shoppers to enjoy a more interactive process for placing custom orders. Check it out at

Phillip Ashley Gift Boxes

Phillip Ashley gift boxes come in a range of sizes, and shipping within the U.S. is complimentary! Photo via Phillip Ashley on Facebook.

Stop in soon to visit Chef Phillip and customize your box of couture chocolates! Phillip Ashley offers complimentary shipping throughout the U.S. Store hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Friday and Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

Big things are happening in this avant-garde studio on Cooper!