“Treat yourself” is a mantra that has taken the world by storm — and with good reason! We all need to relax, unwind and show ourselves a little TLC. What better place to pamper yourself than in an impeccably designed master bath? We reached out to local Memphis design experts and asked them to share their favorite bath projects, and the results were simply stunning. From the glamorous and classic to the modish and chic, these palatial in-home retreats will give you the design inspiration you’re craving. So, revamp that master bath and treat yourself!

A sneak speak at some of the beautiful bathrooms designed by Memphis experts.

A sneak peek at some of the beautiful bathrooms designed by Memphis experts

Carlton Edwards

Jeff Edwards, design director of Carlton Edwards, in partnership with builder Neal Whitley of McNairy County Construction, inspired by a sleeping porch created this lavishly rich, lake house master bathroom with picturesque views and opulent natural light. “There is a blend of simplicity, natural and honest materials and clean modern lines,” says Jeff. “No lake house cliché here!” The gleam of the bronze and brass hardware stands out against the dark and wood accents.

Beyond the bathroom, you get a peek of the rustic Cole and Sons wallpaper with a wooded motif. Image: Selavie Photography

Potted plants mirror the beauty of the nature beyond the windows. Peek out the door and you’ll catch a glimpse of the rustic Cole and Sons wallpaper with a woodsy motif in the master foyer, also bringing a taste of the outside in. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

The copper penny tile juxtaposed with the planked pine walls merges the rustic with the modern. Image: Sélavie Photography

B. Gaines Interior Design

Bright, vivid and natural are some words that come to mind with this Becca Gaines-designed master bath. With the help of Bob Reed Builders, Becca gave this outdated bathroom a major upgrade. “The Jacuzzi bathtub was replaced with a freestanding soaker flanked by new white marble countertops, and the ceiling fan was replaced with a custom lantern,” says Becca. She also recruited Garner Picture Framing to build handsome custom frames for the mirrors, adding a distinct and unique element to the space.

Image: Selavie Photography

The porcelain tiles were pulled out and exchanged for lovely, natural travertine flooring. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

Former vanities remained but were upgraded with a fresh coat of paint. Image: Sélavie Photography

David Clark Construction

With good reason, the stunning freestanding tub is the focal point of this master bath by David Clack Construction. Collaborating with architect Jeff Bramlett and interior designer Kim Loudenbeck of Warehouse 67, this luxurious bathroom and adjoining suite is flawlessly curated. To keep the bathtub as the cornerstone, they even incorporated a hidden door, so as to not draw your eye away from the center of the space.

Image: Carroll Hosleton, Memphis Media Company

“The artwork and center hanging chandelier accentuate the axis of the master bath,” says David. We’d have to agree! Image: Carroll Hosleton, Memphis Media Company

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Image: Carroll Hosleton, Memphis Media Company

The neutral color palette and soft lights lend a warm and inviting aura to the space. Image: Carroll Hosleton, Memphis Media Company

Cindy McCord Interior Design

With Shapiro and Company Architects and builder Hank Hill, Cindy McCord fashioned this fresh, clean and breezy master bath. The sizable windows flood the space with natural light as they overlook the property’s rolling landscapes and picturesque lake.

Image: Julie Wage Ross

The cabinetry by Custom Design and Construction adds a subtle sophistication to the space. Image: Julie Wage Ross

Image: Julie Wage Ross

We love how bright and clean this standing shower is! Image: Julie Wage Ross

Greg Baudoin Interior Design

Chickasaw Gardens custom home

This custom home in Chickasaw Gardens was designed for a young couple by Greg Baudoin, in partnership with architect Charles Shipp and Hedgepeth Construction. The striking Schumacher wallpaper is entitled “Byzantium Queen of Spain,” and provides an eye-catching element, offset by the bright whites of the cabinetry, countertops and tub.

Image: Selavie Photography

The countertops, tub decking and splash are a custom color of a concrete mix by Modern Edge Concrete. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

The flooring complements the Schumacher wallpaper with their similar coloring and contrasting patterns. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

The lighting features by Visual Comfort are subtle and stunning. Image: Sélavie Photography

Greg’s personal master bath

Greg Baudoin recently upgraded his personal master bath with help from RKA Construction. Entitled “Surrey Woods” by Anna French, the wood-grain motif of this faux bois wallpaper lends a subtle allure to this master bath. The neutral color palette is complemented by the greens of the plants, the glitz of the brass elements and the dark wood chair.

Image: Selavie Photography

The Newport Brass plumbing fixtures and the David’s Frame and Art mirrors pop against the neutral, faux bois wallpaper and the bright Cambria countertops. Image: Sélavie Photography

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Image: Selavie Photography

This striking Thomas O’Brien chair adds an artistic depth of color to the master bathroom, especially against the neutral Dash & Albert rug. Image: Sélavie Photography

Ragan Magness, Greg Baudoin Interior Design

Ragan Magness of Greg Baudoin Interior Design designed this striking yet soft master math. Its grand marble tub is complemented by the stunning yet subdued Lotus by Galbraith & Paul wallpaper in the gray Dover color scheme. The warm antique brass of the fixtures, sconces and cabinets complement the gentle color palette.

Image: Selavie Photography

“I used Vermont Danby marble on the tub surround, countertop and shower because it is a fairly durable stone and it has warm and cool veining with a nice white background,” says designer Ragan Magness. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

The marble countertops quietly complement the breathtaking tub. Image: Sélavie Photography

John Harrison Jones Architect

Natural light and bright whites lend a fresh new life to this master bath renovation. The 19th-century lighting fixture and antique milk stool accent the modern standalone bath. Along with Barnett Brothers Construction, Old City Millwork, Alexander Brothers Tile & Marble and Michele Pinstein of Greg Baudoin Interior Design, John Harrison Jones Architect created a sublime sanctuary in this master bath.

Image: Julie Wage Ross

The room practically glows from the natural light playing off the bright white features. Image: Julie Wage Ross

Image: Julie Wage Ross

The brass mirrors and lighting fixtures pop against all the whites and bright neutrals. Image: Julie Wage Ross

Parker Design Studio

Hunting camp master bath

Ann Parker of Parker Design Studio called this space “hunt club glamour” — how spot-on! This hunting camp’s master bath was brought to life by architect Looney Ricks Kiss and builder Swindoll Construction. The master bath incorporates gathered and collected pieces in a way that feels both playful and luxurious in the use of color and unique materials.

Image: Selavie Photography

The rustic cabinetry plays of off the glamorous marble countertop and bright shiplap walls. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

The mixing of different materials and colors makes this space feel unique. We absolutely adore that copper tub! Image: Sélavie Photography

Wooden tub-inspired master suite

For this Ann Parker-designed space, the whole vision originated with the striking, custom-designed wooden tub from Seth Rolland Custom Furniture. The entire space mimics the natural, outdoorsy vibes of the tub and is complemented by plenty of natural light and access to the outdoors. Architect Looney Ricks Kiss and Hank Hill Custom Builders were integral to enacting Ann’s vision.

Image: Jack Gardner Photography

“This bath is flooded with morning light and feels like a spa,” says Ann Parker. Talk about an in-home retreat! Image: Jack Gardner Photography

Image: Jack Gardner Photography

The entirety of the master bath suite feels woodsy and natural to mirror the custom tub. Image: Jack Gardner Photography

Ami Austin Interior Design

“Once a garage, then a ’70s bath, this room was totally reconfigured and transformed,” says designer Ami Austin. With her team of Mike Ruble Construction and Kerns-Wilcheck custom cabinetry and millwork, Ami completely transformed this master bath into a glamorous escape. Bright and palatial, we could lose hours in this breathtaking space.

Image: Chip Pankey

The chandelier hanging above the freestanding tub is the ultimate in elegance. Image: Chip Pankey Photography

RKA Construction

Warm, open and inviting, this stunning master bath feels more like a spa in a romantic villa. The antique look of the chandelier and the soft glow of the sconces lend a warmth to the clean, bright whites of the rest of the space.

Image: Stefanie Rawlinson

The mood lighting creates a peaceful aura about this master bath. Image: Stefanie Rawlinson

Image: Stefanie Rawlinson

The mirrors open up the master bath and make the suite appear even more sizable. And we love the decorative shower window! Image: Stefanie Rawlinson

Gusmus Construction

Frank Gusmus of Gusmus Construction and Leslie Murphy with Murphy Maude Interiors created this masterful and fresh all-white master bath. From the translucent chandelier to the marble countertops to the mirrored wall, every inch of this suite is radiant.

Image: Selavie Photography

The mirrored wall opens up the whole space, reflecting the natural light and doubling the size. Image: Sélavie Photography

Image: Selavie Photography

Every element of this master bath is fresh and clean. Image: Sélavie Photography

Now, go forth, inspired by this master-bath eye candy, and create your own luxurious in-home retreat!


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