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Today, Caitlin Horton of Front Porch Art introduces us to Dorothy Collier, an up-and-coming bright star in the Memphis arts community who was recently accepted into the Martha Stewart American Made competition. Let’s rally behind one of Memphis’ own! Cast your vote for Dorothy here: Voting runs through September 13.



As the co-founder and Creative Director of Front Porch Art, a laid-back online art market, I get to work closely with the amazing artists we support. Their passion for sharing what they do with others is what inspires me to find new ways to connect art enthusiasts with these artists’ work. I’m delighted to have the opportunity to share how you can be involved in the success of one of my favorite Southern artists.

Nashville native-turned Memphian Dorothy Collier is an artist living in two worlds. A young artist with a passion for antique finds and vintage style, her art is an inspired blend of an appreciation for the old mixed with a modern perspective.

Artist Dorothy Collier

Artist Dorothy Collier

Dorothy grew up spending a lot of time in her grandmother’s antique shop. This early exposure to vintage items instilled in her a love for objects with a past. The influence of her mother, established Nashville artist Streater Spencer, stirred an early passion for telling a story through art.



Most recently, Collier painted a series of modern-day characters on vintage cabinet photos found at a local antique shop. This is David, the hipster boy, from her new series, Modern Antiquity.


With every piece, Dorothy takes great care to honor and preserve the little parts of history she turns into works of art. For example, Dorothy’s collection of cabinet photos have been carefully photographed and digitized to document their uniqueness before painting them. Now in the process of making an online gallery of the original photos, she hopes to preserve their antiquity in the technological world.


Steamboatin,' painted on pages of Mississippi Steamboating from the early 1900s, is Collier's last piece from the “Summer in the South” series from her near sold-out Art for Squares show.

Steamboatin’, painted on pages of Mississippi Steamboating from the early 1900s, is Collier’s last piece from the “Summer in the South” series from her near sold-out Art for Squares show.

When Dorothy starts one of her paintings, she first selects inspiring pages from the hundreds of books in her collection. The words on these pages or the lyrics from sheet music inspire what she paints on top. Every detail found in one of Dorothy’s paintings relates to the whole in a uniquely meaningful way.



Square Country Church is painted on hymnal music for “Nothing But the Blood.”

The latest success in Dorothy’s career is her acceptance into the Martha Stewart American Made competition. This competition supports local makers who create handmade goods. Winners are provided with resources to grow their business. One winner from each category will be featured on and Sirius radio. The grand prize winner receives a free trip to New York City for the American Made Workshop and $10,000 toward their business.

After briefly teaching art, Dorothy began painting full time in November 2012. Her dedication to her craft would be greatly rewarded by winning the American Made competition. At Front Porch Art we’re focused on promoting Southern artists here and around the country. We hope StyleBlueprint readers from around the South will rally together and vote for our very own made-in-the-South artist.

Voting has just begun and will end on September 13, so please cast a vote for Dorothy Collier by clicking here: (You can vote in the Martha Stewart competition up to six times each day!)


Thank you Caitlin! Front Porch Art is making great strides for many Southern artists like Dorothy. Read more about Caitlin and Front Porch Art on StyleBlueprint by clicking here—FACES of Memphis: Caitlin Horton and Front Porch Art: Kickstarting New Artists in Memphis. Learn more about Dorothy and find her artwork for sale at and, as well as a number of locations around the Southeast.



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