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If you’ve ever found yourself scrolling through Instagram for a couple of hours, you’re not alone. There’s nothing better than finding a new-to-you account to get lost in, and that’s what we’re bringing to you today. From local food to beautiful views, here are 10 Memphis Instagram feeds that are absolutely dreamy!

1. @aintitquaint

Amateur photographer “Chelsea W.” created the Ain’t It Quaint feed as a way to get her feet wet in photography while showcasing various areas of Memphis. From scenes at Shelby Farms to freshly picked mulberries, this feed is a beautiful curation of the Bluff City.


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A post shared by Chelsea W. (@aintitquaint)

2. @parkerdesignstudio

From geometric shapes to soothing colors, the Parker Design Studio Instagram feed is a delightful blend of wide shots of dreamy interiors as well as close-up views of intriguing design components. Whether you’re looking for design inspiration or a new interior designer to help create an amazing space, this feed is worth exploring.

3. @memphistravel

This is your destination for all things Memphis! Wondering where to go for a staycation? Want to know about a new restaurant? Simply want to gaze at the local beauty? Memphis Travel is your source. They’re on top of their content (and all things 901), so this account is a must-follow!


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A post shared by MemphisTravel (@memphistravel)

4. @ediblememphis

If your stomach’s rumbling, head over to the Edible Memphis Instagram feed for some culinary inspiration. There, you’ll find recipes from local Memphis folks, as well as info on local restaurants. They also know the hidden menu items or the must-try dishes! Bon appetit!


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A post shared by Edible Memphis (@ediblememphis)

5. @naturallymem

This one is for all you adventurous people out there. Naturally Mem shares all things outdoors: kayaking trips, running trails, and hidden spots to get out there and explore. Follow them to discover a little bit more of the 901.

6. @millisflowertruck

If flowers make you happy, then this feed will too! Scroll after scroll reveals stunning bouquets and smiling faces. Be sure to follow so you can find the truck in town and go make your own bouquet to bring the Instagram beauty into your own space.

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7. @memphisbrunch

From all the dives to the newest dining options, @MemphisBrunch shares it all. From charcuterie boards to cauliflower bites, this hunger-inducing feed delivers the goods — including cocktails. YUM!

8. @the_hungry_hooker

Mary Alexander Satterfield is a local Memphian who whips up the most delicious meals! She shares simple recipes, food around the city that she’s discovered, and cooking tips and tricks. Each post with a recipe has simple instructions so that you can do it yourself.

9. @mandarinsgarden

Follow along with all of Mandarin’s novice gardening pursuits. Beautiful blooms emerge from thoughtful trial and the occasional error. But each post introduces you to the flower or plant and explains the steps taken to nurture it to fruition. Beautiful!

10. @mikekerrmemphisphoto

Local photographer Mike Kerr takes his followers along on his many explorations throughout the Bluff City and beyond. From colorful murals to moody views, he shares the many facets that make up Memphis in this thought-provoking local Instagram feed.


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A post shared by Mike Kerr (@mikekerrmemphisphoto)

11. @lindseyblackinteriors

Another local designer with a magical Instagram feed is Lindsey Black Interiors. Bold choices, creative spaces and thoughtful narratives about each of the designs shared make this a stand-out feed locals love.

12. @cara_melized

Local tastemaker and food aficionado Cara Greenstein’s Instagram feed is one to behold. Whether she’s whipping up spectacular cocktails or plate of nachos, each image is more tantalizing than the next. And she looks cute to boot!

Enjoy following all of these Memphis Instagram feeds!


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