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The holidays may feel a little different this year, so make your home as cozy and comfy as possible. Whether it’s a beautiful platter of your family’s favorite appetizers, decorative decor to get in the holiday spirit, or the right tools for an intimate wine and dine experience, we have everything you need to help transition your home for the holidays. Here are our cozy and comfy November FINDS.


Prosecco hand and body wash

You want your guests to feel right at home … even in the guest bathroom. Offer them some well-deserved relaxation with this luxurious soap. Both of these hand soaps have hints of citrus, apricot and passionfruit, making for a perfect and refreshing scent. Plus, look at how fabulous these bottles look! Find these soaps for $26 each at Pickering Boxwood.

Memphis FINDS November: Prosecco hand and body wash

Prosecco hand and body wash, $26 each, at Pickering Boxwood | Image: Pickering Boxwood

Striped guest towel 

This multipurpose towel can be used anywhere in the home, but we think it’d look great on a bathroom vanity (and it adds a pop of color to your space). The sateen weave is absorbent, making it both practical and beautiful in its fall color scheme. Find this mustard-color striped guest towel for $46 at Hey Rube.

Mustard stripe guest towel

Guest towel, $46, at Hey Rube | Image: Hey Rube


Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie, pumpkin-scented diffuser? Yes, please! With a creamy, almost coconut-like scent blended with delicious cardamom, you’ll want one of these diffusers for every room in the house. Find this for $64 at La Maison.

Memphis FINDS November: Pumpkin scented diffuser

Pumpkin cardamom diffuser, $64, at La Maison | Image: La Maison

All-over wash 

It’s happened to the best of us. You pack your bags, arrive at your destination, and then realize you’ve forgotten your shampoo, conditioner or body wash. Place this all-over wash in the shower because even your guests forget things, too. This multipurpose wash leaves a fresh scent and is gentle enough for your face, hair and body. Find this 10-ounce bottle for $21 at Oxbeau.

All-over wash

All-over wash, $21, at Oxbeau | Image: Oxbeau

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Champagne & Stars linen napkin set 

Pop the champagne! These chic and timeless linen napkins will be the exact touch to your bar cart that you didn’t know you needed. Place them under your favorite cocktail or vino, and all your guests will be asking where you got them. Find this linen napkin set for $48 at SB Shop.

Linen cocktail napkin set with Champagne & Stars

Champagne & Stars linen napkin set, $48, at SB Shop

Bread bowl & towel set 

Bread: a dinner table staple. Place this bowl and tea towel set in your dining room or at your kitchen island with homemade delicious biscuits or bread. Find this set for $28 at Southern Farmhouse.

Memphis FINDS November: Bread bowl towel set

Bread bowl & towel set, $28, at Southern Farmhouse | Image: Southern Farmhouse

Recipe dish towel 

Imagine the look on your family’s face when they see their favorite recipe on your kitchen towel. This sentimental item will show that you’ve been thinking of them through this difficult year. The Gift of Today traces your handwritten recipe onto a dish towel, creating a sentimental gift that can be cherished forever. Find the towel for $38 at SB Shop.

Customized recipe dishtowel

Customized recipe dish towel, $38, at SB Shop

Memphis coasters 

Why have boring coasters when you could have the soul of Memphis right on your coffee table? These 4-by-4-inch ceramic coasters come with a cork backing. Made by Rose Pereira, find them for $34 at Arrow Creative.

Memphis FINDS November: Memphis skyline coasters

Memphis coasters, $34 for a set of four, at Arrow Creative | Image: Arrow Creative


Jacko’s Pepper Jelly 

The smell of bacon, coffee in the pot, and biscuits in the oven … that’s our definition of a perfect morning. And we know that you’ll want to have something tasty on those buttery brown biscuits, so why not top them with something local? Jacko’s Pepper Jelly is the perfect blend of sweet and heat, making this a kitchen must-have! Find the original mango spread for $9 at Jacko’s Pepper Jelly.

Mango Jacko's Pepper Jelly

Mango Jacko’s Pepper Jelly, $9, at Jacko’s Pepper Jelly | Image: Jacko’s Pepper Jelly


If you’re preparing for a crowd, buying local caramels in bulk is definitely the way to go. Each pound of deliciousness includes approximately 64 pieces and can be placed in various serving bowls around your home. Find a pound of caramels for $29.95 at Shotwell Candy Co.

Memphis FINDS November: Shotwell Candy Co. bowl of caramels

Caramels, $29.95 for a pound, at Shotwell Candy Co. | Image: Shotwell Candy Co.

J. Brooks coffee 

What’s better than walking into a home with the aroma of fresh coffee to welcome you? Not much — except perhaps having coffee with some 901 flair! Pour guests a cup of soul to warm them up on a chilly day. Find the 12-ounce “Spirit of Memphis” coffee bag for $12.49 at J. Brooks Coffee Roasters.

Memphis FINDS November: J. Brooks 'Spirit of Memphis' coffee

“Spirit of Memphis” coffee, $12.49 for 12-ounce bag, at J. Brooks Coffee Roasters | Image: J. Brooks Coffee Roasters

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Door arrangement 

The exterior of the home is just as important as the interior. Place these floral arrangements on your double doors if you have them, your front windows, or even your mailbox. Find these door arrangements at John Mark Enterprises. Prices vary depending on the arrangement.

Door arrangement from John Mark Enterprises

Door arrangement, prices vary, from John Mark Enterprises | Image: John Mark Enterprises

Floral arrangement 

Every mantle needs a little extra touch! Add this floral arrangement to your home decor to give a total autumn vibe. Or, if you’re having dinner guests and need a centerpiece, this arrangement does just the trick! Once Christmas rolls around, you can also add berries, bows, and all things red and green. Find this arrangement, starting at $62, at Millstone Market & Nursery.

Memphis FINDS November: Fall arrangement at Millstone Market & Nursery

Fall arrangement, starting at $62, at Millstone Market & Nursery | Image: Millstone Market & Nursery

Embroidered pillows 

One can never have too many throw pillows, especially with the extra time spent at home these days. These embroidered pillows add an extra bit of pizzazz to your sectional, love seat or accent chair … plus it shows the love for your state and city. Find these pillows for $196 each at Southern Avenue Company.

Memphis and Tennessee embroidered pillows

Embroidered pillows, $196 each, at Southern Avenue Company | Image: Southern Avenue Company

Memphis bridge print 

The Memphis bridge is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful views in the 901, and now you can have it in your home, too! Especially if you have out-of-town guests visiting, they’ll get to know the city a little bit more. These prints are unmatted and unframed but they will fit in a standard size frame. Find the 16-by-20-inch print for $76 and the 24-by-36-inch print for $176 at ARCHd.

Memphis FINDS November: Memphis bridge print

Memphis print, $76 to $176, at ARCHd | Image: ARCHd

Cheers to the start of a stylish holiday season. Happy entertaining!


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