Any new parent will tell you that babies wait for nothing. Not even for a pandemic to end. And frankly, we couldn’t be more thrilled to meet three brand-new Memphis babies who made their grand debut despite the coronavirus. These sweet loves bring beauty and brightness when we all could likely use an extra dose. Meet three new moms — Olivia Gard, Katie Jarnigan and Kenzy Poole — and their precious bundles. 

One of the new Memphis babies

The sweetest new addition — Eden Grace Gard! Image: Olivia Gard

First things first, tell us all about your sweet new babies!

Olivia: Eden Grace Gard was born on March 22 at 2:30 p.m. She weighed 8 pounds, 5 ounces.

Katie: Raylon Wayne Jarnagin was born on March 22 at 3:28 p.m. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

Kenzy: Anniston Jean Poole was born on March 25 at 4:29 pm. She weighed 6 pounds, 15.5 ounces and was 19.5 inches long.

Sweet family photo

The Jarnigan family with their newest bundle of joy. Image: Katie Jarnigan

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What most concerned you about giving birth during the pandemic?

Olivia: We had a lot of concerns because we were in the process of buying a house, moving, and then I went into labor and the pandemic happened. But one, in particular, was being in the hospital by myself because they kept restricting who could be with you when you go into labor. I was scared my husband wasn’t going to be allowed in the hospital. My parents flew from Anchorage, Alaska, to be here for the birth of their first grandchild and weren’t allowed in the hospital. It was really tough because I wanted them at the hospital, but I was glad they allowed my husband in.

Katie: One of my biggest concerns was staffing. What if one of the nurses came to work sick not knowing? What if they were short-staffed because they had to pull nurses to other areas? I was worried about the usual memories we wouldn’t be able to make with family coming to the hospital to see our little boy, or how we wouldn’t get to bring our daughter up to meet her little brother, or how our moms couldn’t be in the delivery room. I was also concerned with what happens if my husband has any kind of symptom?! Will I be doing this alone?! Just a lot of scenarios run through your head. 

Kenzy: Going in to give birth during the pandemic, I was most concerned about what me and my baby were possibly being exposed to. I was also concerned for the two named visitors I was allowed to have with me as well. Not knowing what each person entering our room has come into contact with is so scary. Although you’re trying to enjoy this special moment in your life, the concern is always there in the back of your mind.

New Memphis baby

Oh, the cuteness! Image: Kenzy Poole

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What has been the best/most memorable moment of the post-childbirth time?

Olivia: The best/most memorable moment is getting time as a family. My husband is working from home due to the pandemic, and we have had a lot of time together with our new daughter. We are definitely ready to see our friends, but we have loved being able to just enjoy our new normal and go on family walks around the neighborhood.

Katie: Looking back, I’m so thankful my husband and I got to experience the birth of our son with just the two of us. Our first child was adopted, so all of this experience was new to us. We were each other’s crutch, and it made me grow more in love with him seeing his compassion towards me during birth and welcoming our son into the world. 

Kenzy: The best/most memorable moment post-childbirth has honestly just been spending time together as a family. No distractions from the outside world, just us being quarantined together and really getting to have that quality time to bond with our new addition. Something I will never forget is seeing how my husband has really been here for us during this time. Seeing something so special really makes me forget about all the craziness going on in the world!

Congrats to these new moms, and thank you, Olivia, Katie and Kenzy, for sharing your experiences with us.


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