Although we have all adjusted to a somewhat normal schedule and routine, we can’t help but think of life on the other side of quarantine. We asked some Memphians about what they are looking forward to post-quarantine, and we have to say we agree with them! Although having Zoom calls with family, getting takeout and binge-watching shows at home is great, we can’t wait to hang out with loved ones face-to-face and spend some time in the city we love.

What are you looking forward to post-quarantine?

Helen Kiser, owner of Kiser’s Floor Fashions:

“I’m ready for a manicure, pedicure and a hair appointment — along with a beach vacation!”

Heather Nordtvedt, marketing manager at Shops of Saddle Creek:

“I’m looking forward to weekly dinners with my family at our favorite restaurant, El Idolo in Bartlett. I’m also looking forward to getting back into my gym, Fit Firm Feminine, and seeing Saddle Creek’s parking lot full of shoppers again, of course!”

Mona Sappenfield, owner of Mona Esthetics:

“Personally, I miss porch garden gatherings with friends, and I want a real facial and pedicure!”

Karen Lombardo, general manager of Roadshow BMW:

“When our quarantine ends, my fiancée and I are looking forward to resuming wedding planning! We have had to put all of our plans on hold while we wait this out. I can’t wait to start making some real decisions about what we are going to do.”

Karen Lombardo of Roadshow BMW answers quarantine questions

Karen Lombardo of Roadshow BMW | Image: Abbey Bratcher

JL Fisk, owner of A Beautiful You Medical Spa:

“I look forward to seeing and being with our employees, believe it or not. We are like family, and we miss them very much. We spend so much time with our work families that they truly become like family to us. Also, I am ready to grab a great steak dinner at Fleming’s or The Capital Grill with my wife and boys.”

Emily Dafferner, Certified Personal Planner at Reliant Investment Management:

“I’m looking forward to being able to spend time with people I’ve only seen through screens in the last several weeks, and honestly being closer than 6 feet and even (maybe) give them HUGS! Most simply, I’m looking forward to being back in the regular rhythm of life and the people and places I encounter in that rhythm.”

Carol Langsdon, owner of The Langsdon Clinic:

“I’d have to say getting back to our patients! We have not treated patients for five weeks. I know that isn’t very exciting, but we have had a vacation we did not plan for. Also, happy hour would be nice!”

Sean Blankenship, president of Coldwell Banker-Collins Maury:

“I can’t wait to get back into the office with my dog Chuy! He was used to going in every week and is tired of being locked up at home.”

Sean Blankenship of Coldwell Banker-Collins Maury tells us what he's most looking forward to after quarantine

Sean Blankenship of Coldwell Banker-Collins Maury and his dog, Chuy

Lisa J. Gill, partner at Thomas, White & Gill
“I am most looking forward to sitting on a patio with friends and being able to hear tone of voice and see facial expressions while having an in-person conversation!”

Penelope Huston, Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Events at Downtown Memphis Commission:

“I am looking forward to putting into practice everything I am learning during quarantine! I am committing to driving less and biking/walking more; celebrating each opportunity to connect with family and friends with phone calls and FaceTime; unplugging because so many of us have been working more during these weeks, and I am trying to learn how to turn off and just be present; being more thankful for everything — including the opportunity to drive carpool or grocery shop without planning!”

Sarah Zambroni, development manager at Children’s Museum of Memphis:

“I’m looking forward to enjoying this gorgeous time of year with family and friends, and the energy and collaboration that comes from working together as a team in the office. Also, I’m ready to eat lunch at the many delicious local spots in Midtown and around the museum!”

Eric Bourgeois, marketing director for Packed House Productions:

“I can’t wait to be back around all of my friends — whether it’s community camaraderie during Trolley Nights on South Main, killer workouts with my peeps at Shred 4/15 Peabody Place or late-night fun at Bardog Tavern and Slider Inn. I miss it all and look forward to getting back into the swing of things.”

Andrea LeTard, personal chef and cookbook author:

“Traveling, concerts and festivals!”

Andrea LeTard

Andrea LeTard, personal chef and cookbook author | Image: Mary Kate Steele

Andrea Wiley, director of account management at DCA:

“Things I am looking forward to most include attending a concert at the Levitt Shell with my friends, celebrating a special occasion with my man-friend at Folk’s Folly, taking my niece and nephews to the Memphis Zoo, and experiencing the latest art exhibit at Brooks Museum.”

Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence of The Chubby Vegetarian:

“Justin walked by the new Wiseacre Brewing Co. spot downtown and can’t wait to use the amazing new space close to his photo studio in South Main, and I really want to go anywhere for the garden, like Dan West, Urban Earth and Millstone Market & Nursery. I also really miss Target.”

David Quarles, owner of David Quarles IV:

“I honestly cannot wait until I’m back at Jack Robinson Gallery, teaching my Zumba classes again! I’m pretty sure the first 15 minutes of class will be spent hugging and rejoicing with one another! I miss all of their in-person presence so much!”

Michaela Dockery, lifestyle blogger and owner of Hen House Wine Bar

“I cannot wait to be able to host my friends and fellow Memphians at The Hen House! I see a magical night of wine, food and al of us basking in the simple glory of being able to be around each other!”

Steven McMahon, artistic director of Ballet Memphis:

“I’m most looking forward to reconnecting with our dancers and the Ballet Memphis community. As artists, we thrive on in-person connection and movement. While I’m excited to bring Memphis virtual performances in the meantime, I can’t wait to bring dance back to the stage soon.”

Murray Lace and Gracie Lee of Obsidian PR:

“I cannot wait to get back into my favorite South Main establishments. After the quarantine, you can find me enjoying dinner and drinks at my three favorite Downtown spots — South of Beale, Slider Inn and Eight & Sand.” — Murray

“I live, work, eat and play in downtown, so I cannot wait to be able to explore every aspect our city has to offer. From happy hours at my favorite South Main hot spots to cheering on the Grizzlies to soaking up the sun at Loflin Yard, post-quarantine life can’t come soon enough!” — Gracie

Keep hanging in there. We’ve got this, Memphis!


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