Lisa Mallory Linens is an extension of Lisa’s interior design business, based in Chickasaw Oaks Village. She has incorporated fine linens and towels into her design projects for many years and has stocked a small amount in her longstanding, popular retail shop. When a space just down the walkway from her original shop recently became available, she decided to take advantage of that opportunity to expand the linen business. StyleBlueprint recently caught up with Cindi Marshall, manager of both the Lisa Mallory Interior Design retail shop and Lisa Mallory Linens, and we’re thrilled to show you this beautiful new store!


Matouk linens, Gordian Knot

Matouk linens, Gordian Knot



What are some of the distinctive lines of bedding and linens you have introduced?

We offer the full line of John Matouk, which includes custom bed, bath and table linens with exquisite monogramming. We can customize any of these items to match your decor or help you decide on a new decor altogether. Bring your fabrics or wallpapers in, or we can even come to your house and offer suggestions.

We also carry a new line of bedding under the Matouk umbrella called John Robshaw. He offers beautiful color-saturated prints that are mixed together to create an eclectic and fashion-forward bed. Robshaw is a fun line to work with that appeals to all ages.

Another popular line for us is Traditions. We have done extremely well with their line of bedding in neutral tones called “Paprika” .

We also carry Lili Alessandra and Legacy Linens.



Describe a few of the key products other than linens that you are offering in the new location.

In addition to the linens and gifts, we sell furniture, lamps, mirrors , accessories and artwork. Almost everything you see in the store is for sale!


John Robshaw bedding is ideal for people who are decorating dorm rooms for fall 2013.

Tell us more about the unique, new gift shopping option Lisa Mallory Linens brings to Memphis.

Our store just opened this summer, and we are still “defining ourselves.” We have tried to offer gifts that complement the bed, bath and table theme in affordable price points. We have candles, placemats, vases, embroidered hand towels, robes, pajamas, towel wraps and all sizes of colorful totes. One of our most popular gift items for men and women has been the monogrammed garment bag.

Robes and pajamas, which also make great gifts, have been very popular. We have the bright, colorful designs of Malabar Bay and a great new line by Marigot.



Some of our readers may have a wedding on the horizon or need a perfect wedding gift. Memphians will enjoy a fresh idea for bridal registry and shopping. Explain why this is a primary focus for your store.

We are excited about offering a bridal registry. Brides love fine linens and especially seeing their new monogram! It can be difficult to give those items if you don’t know their colors or taste. This is a great way to solve the issue and give them something they really want and will use.



Briefly describe the process and the time frame for designing and ordering custom bedding. Can I come in and buy the things I see right off of the bed on display, or are these simply examples of the creative directions I can go when customizing my own bedding with you?

We stock several bedding collections and towels for people that want to buy off the shelf. We have two to three display beds that we are more than happy for customers to buy from. That means we have done something right! The other option is to custom design and order.





This new location, emphasizing linens and bedding, builds on the aesthetic that Lisa Mallory is known for as an interior designer. Lisa has a unique ability to adapt to her client’s taste. She can design from the ground up or come into an existing room and transform it by combining existing elements with new items to complete a look. She is great at combining textures and colors to achieve the look the client wants. This is evident in some of her projects that can be viewed at Stop by Lisa Mallory Linens, just down from Lisa Mallory Interior Design (towards La Baguette) inside Chickasaw Oaks Village.


Pair of earrings, part of a large collection by Stones and Pearls, now on display at Lisa Mallory Linens.

The jewelry collection you will see when visiting Lisa Mallory Linens is called Stones and Pearls. In addition to working with Lisa as a manager for the interior design locations, Cindi and her business partner Debra Barnes have been making and selling jewelry for 13 years, offered through many shows and fundraisers around town as well as from a small retail location. Cindi started selling the jewelry at Lisa’s shop last October and it was such a popular addition that Stones and Pearls has officially located within the Lisa Mallory Linen Shop as of this month. (StyleBlueprint will bring you more about Stones and Pearls in an upcoming fashion post. Check back soon to learn more about this creative jewelry design team.)


Matte gold oval hoops wrapped with pearls and gemstones.

Thank you Cindi! And we look forward to talking with you again soon about Stones and Pearls!


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