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When directing your attention and dollars to specific areas of your home, kitchens and bathrooms take top priority. There are perhaps no two rooms that, when reimagined, have a more significant impact on a home. Beyond the necessary functionality of the spaces, homeowners are creating kitchens and bathrooms that inspire family gatherings and relaxation (respectively, of course).

“Kitchens and baths create the most value for your home financially, but more importantly, they are the two areas where you spend much of your time,” notes Gusmus Construction owner Frank Gusmus. “Kitchens are for entertaining, congregating and family time, and bathrooms are for relaxation and unwinding. Both are worthy of an investment.”

We turned to Frank for insight into trending elements of kitchen and bathroom design. Recently, he has seen a rise in the use of bold paint colors, brass and gold hardware and fixtures, statement-making backsplashes, and quartz countertops. An expert in kitchen and bathroom remodels, Frank recommends spending the extra money to create a place you’ll love — and love using. Save the following inspiration for your own renovation, and determine what design elements work for you.

The Latest in Kitchen & Bath Trends

Trend: Dark Paint

Neutrals have become the norm in kitchens and bathrooms, but all-white is no longer the only way to go. Frank says, “White has always been — and continues to be — a big trend, but grey, dark blues and black are being used more and more.” The application of rich, dark colors is particularly popular on storage cubbies, wet bars, islands and vanities, according to Frank. The moody hues deliver a level of coziness we crave in our homes, and dark shades are arguably neutral.

The kitchen and bathrooms shown here were remodeled by Gusmus Construction and designed by Selena McAdams (interior designer and owner of Spruce Shop).

With white cabinetry and a painted island, this kitchen showcases an of-the-moment design. Image: Selavie Photography

For those too afraid to use color in their kitchen, turn to smaller areas (such as bars, pantries and laundry rooms) to try out the trend. Image: Selavie Photography

The trend is not reserved for the kitchen; contemporary bathroom designs incorporate dark paint colors, as well. Image: Selavie Photography

Trend: Brass and Gold Fixtures

Although small in size, fixtures and hardware make a big impact in kitchens and bathrooms. In fact, Frank tells us that cabinet hardware and plumbing fixtures are becoming key players in the overall design. Brass and gold are two popular choices that introduce style in an unexpected way. We’ve been hearing about brass for some time, but it’s not a trend of the past. Brass is always at home in the kitchen, and it’s elegant in a bathroom as well.

This kitchen wouldn’t be complete without these eye-catching cabinet pulls. The modern lines and gold finish are on-trend. Image: Selavie Photography

Your bathroom should exude elegance — use this bathroom by Gusmus Construction, Cindy McCord Design and David Anderson Architect as inspiration when renovating your bathroom. Image: Selavie Photography

With wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling tile, the fixtures act as focal points. We particularly love the large size and layout of this spa-like shower that lives in the bathroom featured above (by Gusmus Construction, Cindy McCord Design and David Anderson Architect). Image: Selavie Photography

Gold and brass work as well on creamy woods as they do stark whites. This kitchen, with design by Elizabeth Malmo Interior Design, makes a case for mixing colors and materials for a final product that wows. Image: Selavie Photography

Trend: Full-Height Backsplash

A statement-making backsplash doesn’t always mean funky patterned tile or dramatic colors. These days, it is understated elements that make a backsplash stand out — dark colors, mirrored finishes and full-height quartz. These designs go beyond the expected styles and introduce a unique design in kitchens, bar areas and even bathrooms.

As we learned with the use of bold paint colors, bars are an ideal area to test out a trend. Image: Selavie Photography

We were so busy admiring the painted island that we almost overlooked the stunning mirrored backsplash behind the sink. Image: Selavie Photography

Subtle, but impactful, the quartz backsplash stretches the height of the walls in this kitchen with design by Elizabeth Malmo Interior Design. Image: Selavie Photography

Trend: Quartz Countertops

“Marble and granite are still popular, but quartz has become a big trend for countertops and even full-height backsplashes,” explains Frank. Homeowners love quartz for its durability. The stain-resistant, man-made material mimics the organic nature of marble and granite but requires less maintenance than its peers.

Sleek and stylish, this quartz-top vanity makes a statement in a powder room with design by Selena McAdams and architecture by David Anderson. Image: Selavie Photography

As we saw above, a full-height backsplash makes a big impact. In this all-white space, the countertops and backsplash are all quartz. Image: Selavie Photography

The options for outfitting your bathrooms and kitchen are limitless, but quartz is a popular and smart option that requires little maintenance. The stark white is a nice contrast to the black cabinetry in this bathroom with design by Selena McAdams. Image: Selavie Photography

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