‘Tis the season for all things gifts and gatherings! (Well, smaller gatherings than usual anyway.) If you’re stumped on what to bring or buy, we’ve gathered some items anyone will love. And, you may even buy an extra for yourself. As an added bonus, you can purchase all of these gifts online and have them shipped to you. Cheers to the holidays and making memories with those who mean the most.



Charcuterie boards are all the buzz right now, so you might as well make the spread a stylish one! Your host can use this board to serve their favorite snacks or set it on the dining table for the holidays. Find this marble-patterned board for $45 at Dazzle.

Hostess gifts Memphis: Lynn and Liana cheeseboard

Lynn and Liana cheeseboard, $45, at Dazzle | Image: Dazzle

Roman antique appetizer tray 

This fabulous antique appetizer tray will make heads turn. The shape makes it a natural platter for hors d’oeuvres, miniature cupcakes or a favorite holiday appetizer. With its gold edge accent, it will look beautiful whether holding food or being displayed in a china cabinet. Find this tray for $92 at Babcock Gifts.

Appetizer tray at Babcock Gifts

Tray, $92, at Babcock Gifts | Image: Babcock Gifts

Ruffled baker tray

We all have that one friend who constantly has cookies or dessert made every time you walk in their home. If they’re making tasty treats, they might as well do it using an oh-so-adorable tray! This will be their new favorite baking piece. Find this ruffled tray for $49 at Truffle Pig.

Hostess gifts Memphis: Truffle Pig baker tray

Ruffled baker tray, $49, at Truffle Pig | Image: Truffle Pig

Memphis candle 

For the hostess who loves to light a candle in every room, these local candles with Memphis streets and landmarks will be their favorite candle they’ve ever received. Using natural soy wax, cotton wicks and unique blends, these last longer than the average candle. Find the 9-ounce candle for $15 and the 13-ounce option for $20 at New Harbert Candles.

Local Memphis candles

Memphis candles, $15 or $20, at New Harbert Candles | Image: New Harbert Candles

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Personalized holiday gift tags 

This holiday season, get a friend or family member a gift with a personalized touch, especially during a year when more gifts will be mailed. They’ll be thankful you thought of this important part of any gift — and they’ll proud to add each tag to this year’s gifts. Find the set of 24 for $18 at SB Shop.


Hostess gifts Memphis: Personalized holiday gift tags

Set of 24 gift tags, $18, at SB Shop

Cutting board 

For the person who loves to cook (and be fancy while doing so), this is right up their alley. Get this cutting board customized with their last name or initials. However, be sure to order by December 1 to get it by Christmas. Find this personalized cutting board for $44 at Social.

Personalized cutting board

Personalized cutting board, $44, at Social

Turkish hand towel 

Hand towels are great to have, but monogrammed hand towels? Even better. Each 38-by-20-inch towel has a printed monogram and twisted tassel trim. Plus, with its neutral tones, it can go in any kitchen, bathroom or even hang on a bar cart or cabinet. Find this hand towel for $18.95 at More Than Words.

Hostess gifts Memphis: Turkish hand towel at More Than Words

Turkish hand towel, $18.95, at More Than Words | Image: More Than Words

Meal planning pad 

For the friend who’s a planner and always on the go, you’re about to make her life so much easier with this 50-page meal planning pad. Each pad can be personalized with a family name. Find this grocery planner for $30 at Sophie Edwards Design.

Family Meal Planning Pad

Meal planning pad, $30, at Sophie Edwards Design | Image: Sophie Edwards Design

Swig wine bottle chiller 

Monogramming meets your host’s favorite drink with this gift. Simply pop a bottle of their favorite bubbly or wine inside this chiller, and it stays nice and cold for nine hours. Find this bottle chiller for $95 at SB Shop.

Hostess gifts Memphis: Personalized wine bottle chiller

Wine bottle chiller, $95, at SB Shop

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Soft cooler 

For the one who’s on-the-go to their next party or outing, this wine cooler would make the greatest gift. It fits a six-pack or four wine bottles and can stack multiple food containers. Plus, there are two outside pockets for napkins and utensils. You can also get it monogrammed. Find this cooler for $32 at RSVP Stationers.

RSVP Stationer Wine Cooler Bag

Soft cooler, $32, at RSVP Stationers | Image: SCOUT

Bluff City Toffee

What’s better than homemade sweets that are already wrapped for you? Each batch of Bluff City Toffee is made with locally sourced ingredients like pecans, milk, butter and chocolate. Coming in their signature brown and blue box, this makes for a fabulous grab-and-go gift. Find the Milk Chocolate Pecan Toffee for $18.95 at Bluff City Toffee.

Bluff City Toffee in Gift Packaging

Milk Chocolate Pecan Toffee, $18.95, at Bluff City Toffee | Image: Bluff City Toffee

Spiked set of sauces

When the temperature drops, something warm and comforting always sounds appetizing … and sometimes it’s fun if it’s spiked. This set of sauces features two flavors: Tipsy Butterscotch Sauce and Tipsy Hot Fudge Sauce. Each gift is packaged and has a handwritten card enclosed if you choose that option at checkout. Find the set for $28 at Backhouse Foods.

Hostess gifts Memphis: Backhouse Foods Spiked Set

Spiked set of sauces, $28, at Backhouse Foods | Image: Backhouse Foods

Judy Pound Cakes 

Life is short, eat the cake! With delicious flavors like cinnamon pecan and chocolate chip cookie, you can get two loaves of pound cake … one for your host and one for yourself! We won’t judge. Locally made and already wrapped, this is an easy gift that’s also super tasty. Find the mini-loaves for $8 each at Judy Pound Cakes.

Miniature cake loaves made locally

Mini-loaves, $8 each, at Judy Pound Cakes | Image: Judy Pound Cakes

Sip & Soak Deluxe Box

Giving back never felt so good — especially if you’re giving this to someone who deserves it! This box is filled with a tea-infused luxury soap and bath bomb, a handmade hot and cold therapy wrap, a signature mug and a box of premium tea. Find this box for $50 at My Cup of Tea. Each purchase goes toward their mission of building lasting relationships with the women of Orange Mound and providing them meaningful employment and job skills.

Sip & Soak Deluxe Box at My Cup of Tea

Sip & Soak Deluxe Box, $50, at My Cup of Tea | Image: My Cup of Tea

Here’s to a fun-filled holiday season!


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