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When I first learned I was getting a reading by an astrologer to prep for this article, I was … hesitant? Resistant? I have never believed that signs explain or defend someone’s behavior, and when I hear things like, “Oh, he’s just being a Scorpio!,” I fully cringe. But after talking with and learning from Brad Williams, I realized my perception of astrology is skewed. And yours might be, too.

At a basic level, astrology ascribes meaning to the placement of the sun, the moon, and the planets within 12 sections of the sky: the signs of the zodiac. Most people know their SUN sign — the most famous and easiest to Google — which is based on where the sun was on your birthday. But that’s just the tip of the galaxy of information your full birth chart uncovers.

Where were the moon and other planets at the time and location of your birth? An astrologer sees a whole, layered, and complex picture of you, and can help untether you from limitations and see potential doorways into a more fulfilling life.

Brad Williams has been a full-time astrologer for 14 years and gave me my reading. Not only is he experienced, he’s inspiring and I actually enjoyed my reading. He’s here today to give you a February, love-centric horoscope based on a lesser-known sign: VENUS!

Brad Williams, professional astrologer

Brad Williams has been a professional astrologer for 14 years and after meeting him, even our skeptical selves were charmed.

Your February Horoscope By Brad Williams

Brad Williams:

While most people know their Sun sign, it is just one aspect of our birth chart, and it does not tell us how or who we love. That’s what Venus is for. The Sun is actually our ego, or our inner drive. It’s a broad generalization of millions of people’s egos, and if you only look at that, you are missing so much insight that astrology can offer. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s focus on the planet of love: Venus!

In the broadest sense, Venus is about values. Upon close inspection, you’ll see that everything we value we love, and everything we do not value we don’t love. It’s really that simple. We ultimately value our partners, or they aren’t our partners anymore, right? Venus can shed light on what we value, and from there we can get closer to why we love certain people over others, or why we might be attracted to one person over another.

While your Sun sign may be Virgo, your Venus sign may be “Venus in Gemini.” Your Venus sign is based on your birthday and your birth location. (Rarely you may need to know your birth time to find out your Venus sign.) This is taking your horoscope to a new, deeper level and this is where it starts to get really exciting.

DISCLAIMER: Like all signs for any planet, there is a shadow and a light, or push and pull, expression for each. Figuring that out takes life experiences or a consultation with a good astrologer — wink, wink.

SB Note: Don’t worry if you don’t know your Venus sign! To get a free chart from Brad, send him an email with your birthday, time, and location and he will provide this info (no worries if you do not have your time!). Or you can simply find your Venus sign online before reading this horoscope.

Venus in Aries

Aries energy is fierce, direct, and very passionate. A Venus in Aries is most attracted to those same attributes. You need someone who can sustain energy and isn’t willing to give up at the first sign of resistance. In the shadow, it’s important not to dominate the relationship and be able and willing to hold space for other points of view when angry.

Venus in Taurus

Taurus is one of the two natural homes for Venus (Libra is the other), and there is normally a very calm demeanor when it comes to love. Venus in Taurus is dependable and needs a partner who isn’t going to be abrupt about things. They are attracted to Earthy beauty and kindness. In the shadow, the Venus in Taurus must not get stuck in over-familiarity and allow for change every so often.

Venus in Gemini

Connection is the theme for Venus in Gemini, meaning their partner needs to be open to the curiosity of people. They also seek a partner who creates excitement around their life as the same old routine will not sit well for the Venus in Gemini. In the shadow, the Venus in Gemini needs to be mindful of their partner and not assume they are always okay with being overly-stimulated by other people. It is important for them to stop and check in with their partner and realize that downtime is okay!

Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer desires to nurture their partner. For more freedom-loving signs like Aquarius, this can seem to smother but might fit right at home with a Pisces type. Cancer in Venus seeks patience and acknowledgment for their efforts, too. In the shadow, the Venus in Cancer can fall prey to codependent behaviors that find them sacrificing more than what they are receiving in return, ultimately causing resentment.

Venus in Leo

Venus in Leo needs room to roar straight from the heart! They seek to express themselves as they see fit and without judgment. Their partner needs to exude a sense of pride in themselves with a touch of reality, as if they are also part of the Venus in Leo’s expression. In the shadow, the Venus in Leo must know the difference between vanity and true heartfelt expression, while being sure to not make it all about them and remembering to acknowledge their partner.

Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo needs to find a purpose in love that can be molded into its purest form. A partner that sees the value they provide becomes essential to Venus in Virgo. This is less emotional in its orientation and more practical in its application, meaning that the Virgo is seeking the purest form of relationship. In the shadows, the Virgo in Venus can project a critical nature that forces a sense of perfection that is never achievable for themselves or their partner, ultimately causing friction.

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra loves love! They are the epitome of the love expressed in a Shakespearean drama. All the daydreams of love that can be expressed are on the table when it comes to what Venus in Libra is seeking in a partner. In the eyes of the Venus in Libra, you must be attractive, or at least make an effort. In the shadow, Libra in Venus can get bogged down by silly choices that are mostly superficial in nature.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus in Scorpio seeks intensity and depth. There is nothing superficial when it comes to a Scorpio Venus, and if they have an emotionally insufficient partner, it will eventually lead to a slow death. The Scorpio in Venus needs a partner to push the boundaries of their soul, and their partner need not fear when they are pushed in return. In the shadow, a Venus in Scorpio can take over the relationship and dominate a much weaker partner.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius seeks adventure to find meaning in what they value. They need a partner who is all about the experience. It’s one thing for the Sagittarius in Venus to read about it, and another thing altogether to go out and do it. The Sagittarius in Venus must do, and their partner must be willing to spontaneously jump on an airplane at a moment’s notice. Their shadow is when they are running away to avoid the energy of a dying relationship.

Venus in Capricorn

The Venus in Capricorn doesn’t need a lot of frills. They mainly seek relationships that are dependable, consistent, and working on a shared task together. In love, this builds the trust of a true connection and a bond that can be unbreakable. In the shadow, they may tend to place blame on a weaker valued person and turn them into a scapegoat for all the tasks the Capricorn in Venus was not able to finish.

Venus in Aquarius

The Venus in Aquarius is truly the egalitarian and the lover of the whole. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t loyal — it just means that they aren’t always coming with all the bells and whistles that some other Venus signs require. Being in love with Venus in Aquarius requires a good sense of self without a constant need for reassurance. In the shadow, this placement is beaten down to give up their freedom and might stay in a dying relationship based on conformity.

Venus in Pisces

The Venus in Pisces is heaven on Earth – at least that’s the place where they are coming from! They see the truest essence of the soul of their partner and require their partner to at least meet them halfway in seeing theirs. Venus in Pisces is usually correct in their intuition, so you best be on your toes. However, the Venus in Pisces shadow has an overly fearful projected sense of what they feel and what is actually real, often leading to misjudging or misusing their intuitive relationship qualities.

Thanks, Brad!


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