It’s said that your first impression is the most important, and this certainly applies to your home. Curb appeal is crucial for making guests feel welcome, increasing property value and even instilling a sense of pride you feel for your home. With that in mind, we’ve gathered a roundup of front porches and entryways, styled by local Memphis designers. Find inspiration and then spruce up your own abode.

9 Front Porches and Entryways to Swoon Over


With the help of architect Jeff Bramlett and builder Thomas Wirth of Germantown Home Builders, Cindy McCord of Cindy McCord Design planned this entryway as part of a larger renovation project that included the main living area and kitchen. Making an elegant and welcoming statement, the beautiful stairway greets guests, while design selections create a calm and timeless atmosphere. “Tucking the dining area behind the entry and stair was a great choice for circulation and entertaining,” says Cindy.


We can’t get enough of the circular staircase! Image: Ross Group Creative


The staircase is definitely the show-stealer in this beautifully designed entryway. Image: Ross Group Creative

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Classic Elegance

With a stunning staircase, Vaughan chandelier, Nancy Corizone wall sconces and art by Robert Yasuda (found at David Lusk Gallery), this entryway exudes classic elegance. In addition, the space, which was created by Lisa Mallory of Lisa Mallory Interior Design, is the perfect background for family photos.


Can’t you just imagine a beautiful bride descending this staircase?


This space, designed by Lisa Mallory, is at once elegant and warm.

Simpler Times

This welcoming porch was designed by Rhea Crenshaw Interiors and is located in Lake Charlevoix, Michigan. It speaks to a slower lifestyle that allows the homeowner to stop and enjoy a glass of tea (or wine!) while enjoying the beauty of nature. “Thinking back to when life was simple and all activities revolved around family, friends and the love of being outdoors is why this project is one of our favorites,” says Miller.

front porch

Can’t you imagine enjoy a glass of wine at dusk on this beautiful porch? Image: Rhea Crenshaw Interiors

front porch

What a view! Image: Rhea Crenshaw Interiors

Unapologetically Chic

There’s no denying that this entrance makes a bold statement. From a bronzed lion knocker on the front door to the textured tiles, it screams unapologetically chic. With the help of architect David Anderson and hSCarpentry & Design, builder Frank Gusmus of Gusmus Construction and designer Selena McAdams of spruce created an entryway you won’t forget!


WOW! That floor is fabulous! Image: Sélavie Photography


The geometric flooring design adds depth to this entryway, which was designed by Selena McAdams of spruce. Image: Selavie Photography

Sophisticated luxury

There is something about a minimalistic aesthetic that conveys both sophistication and luxury. From the understated chandelier to the stark white walls and delicate wood flooring, there is no doubt that this entryway will leave an impression. Ryan Anderson of RKA Construction worked with architect David Anderson to design the space.


The chevron-patterned flooring provides a warm welcome in this space. Image: Selavie Photography

Trendy Teal

This entryway features a custom-built bookcase, a buffet table with matching lamps, and lots and lots of light. Designed by Ashley Toney of First Fruit Collection, the teal door and matching pops of color throughout are enough to be trendy without overpowering the light and airy space.


We’re smitten with that front door! Image: First Fruit Collection


We love the nooks in this entry way as much as we love the natural light! Image: First Fruit Collection

Pretty and Practical

With its exposed wood paneling and contrasting floor, this mudroom entrance in Horseshoe Lake, Arkansas, is the perfect welcoming hello. Elizabeth Malmo of Elizabeth Malmo Interior Design worked with architect John Harrison Jones to design a space that is both pretty and practical. It makes you want to stay and hang for a while, doesn’t it?


We’re suckers for a gorgeous mudroom. Image: Selavie Photography

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Creative Textures

This entrance, designed by Leslie Murphy of Murphy Maude Interiors, is an undeniable showstopper. With all of the creative textures around the room — from the printed wallpaper, to the metallic mirror and intriguing side table — there’s plenty to pique your interest. We could stare at this space all day!


The symmetry in this entryway is so satisfying — and gorgeous! Image: Selavie Photography

Modern Rustic

As soon as you walk into this entrance, designed by Becca Gaines of B. Gaines Interiors, you’re whisked into a warm, friendly environment that blends rustic flair and modern sensibilities. With the wooden bench, patterned rug from Sarkis Kish Oriential Rugs, art by David Lusk Art Gallery and the construction work done by Eller Construction, you’ll never want to leave.


The rustic vibe in this entryway is simple and beautiful. Image: Selavie Photography

Thank you to all of the Memphis design experts for sharing their favorite projects!


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