By: Lindsey and Lauren


If you’re on Pintrest, you may have noticed a flurry of activity surrounding fairy gardens recently. These miniature gardens have certainly caught our attention over the months, both online and around town. So what are they and how can you make your own? Okay, don’t laugh…but we’re told they’re designed to lure fairies to bring good luck to your home. We like them simply because they offer a whimsical approach to outdoor gardens and indoor decor. Whatever the case, these tiny spaces, tended with love, have no limits but your imagination, and let’s just say some folks have let theirs run wild!

Millstone Market’s fairy garden complete with an outdoor train

The fairies apparently love creativity when it comes to crafting their homes, and while they’re quiet house guests, they can be quite mischievous. If you notice a button or something missing, you know the fairies probably borrowed it for building their home. Or so the stories go. These gardens are definitely a fun project for all ages, and because they don’t have to take up a ton of space, they’re great for indoors and can be moved outside when the weather is nice. We’ve even seen them used as centerpieces, and they’re certainly conversation pieces!

This fairy garden found its home in an galvanized aluminum bucket.


These fairy cottages were used as a centerpiece.


Even Epcot is getting into the fairy garden craze!

Two years ago, a fairy must have whispered into the ear of Mrs.McFarland (the mother of one of my best friends), because what initially started out innocently with the purchase of one fairy garden house has since turned into an entire village, and a magical one at that! Placed amid the ferns and boxwoods in her backyard is a miniature village that looks like a scene straight from a storybook. With pebble walkways, picket fences, benches, and charming cottages, it paints the picture of my dream vacation spot – except that everything is miniature, and designed specifically with the fairies in mind. With no detail missing or a stone unturned, Mrs. McFarland has created a virtual Ritz Carlton of fairy gardens. It’s really well done!

The welcome sign into the garden


A beautiful entrance gate


3 charming cottages


Bicycles so that the fairies can rest their wings


The yellow rain boots are my favorite!


pebble walkways


So charming


A perfect place for the fairies to take a rest


What Ms. McFarland calls her “rustic” fairy garden


Obsessed with the Gospel Singing house

Not all fairy gardens have to be this ornate. Creating your own can be very easy and so much fun. With a little imagination and with a few supplies, such as a planting box, soil, tiny pebbles, structures and, of course, fairy dust, you can make your own at home. The local experts at the Millstone Market have all the supplies you need and are available to help you get started with your own collection.

A great way to get started with your own fairy garden


Mrs. McFarland also creates mini fairy gardens


Add a little light to your fairy garden


Let us know how your foray into fairy gardening goes! We’d love to hear about it!


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