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There’s much to love about this Germantown home. There’s the fresh floor plan, light-filled spaces, tall windows and a refreshing palette of whites and grays — and that’s only the downstairs. It’s difficult to imagine a time before the home inspired onlookers and encouraged the rest of us to mimic its design. However, before the house fell into the hands of R.Co. Construction’s E.J. Cox, that was the case. On the outside, the home begged for a crisp coat of paint, a new roof and gutters, and lush landscaping. The kitchen, which now stretches into the main living space, was once dark and closed in. The master bedroom had little in the way of luxury. But the solid bones of the house gave E.J. the necessary foundation to create something beautiful. Overall, the 1980s residence has been transformed into a home that comprises stunning spaces designed to be loved today and for years to come.

Germantown home renovated by R.Co Construction

Built in 1981, this house is located in the Germantown neighborhood. The home has a strong foundation that gave the R.Co. Construction team a good starting point. The exterior called for a facelift, so new paint, new roofing, new gutters and updated landscaping were in order. A light blue door adds extra appeal.

Open entryway by R. Co Construction

The exterior sets the tone for what you’ll find inside. In an effort to make the entryway feel open, they removed a wall separating the staircase and the dining room.

It quickly became apparent to E.J. that he had undertaken a big project. He told us, “In flipping homes, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are your starting points — and that is where we decided to focus most of our efforts in this project.”

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When walking into the kitchen, it is the large island that first commands your attention. The oversized piece was selected to make it a more social setting, and the kitchen was designed with a young family in mind. E.J. tells us, “The layout is meant for entertaining, and it lends itself to hosting family gatherings.”

In the design, design consultant Rebecca Reid, who frequently works with E.J., stuck with the ever-popular all-white look, but introduced depth with shades of gray. She acknowledged the difficulty in delivering a classic design that reaches beyond cookie-cutter. “Color keeps things from being so stark,” she shares. “That doesn’t mean bold, bright colors … but, inside, shades a step away from white for a layered look.”

Aside from the removal of one wall, the space didn’t call for any major structural changes. The ceiling height and large windows overlooking the pool were existing features to the home. All new cabinetry and appliances were chosen to complement the new layout. E.J. did not skimp on storage and counter space, and their low-maintenance material mimics marble but is much easier to take care of.

Accessible from the kitchen and the garage, the mudroom and pantry occupy a large chunk of space to provide extra storage. Large lockers hold bags, coats, shoes and other items you tend to drop the moment you walk inside your home. Behind sliding barn doors, there’s pantry space for food and appliances. And a laundry room was given a playful design in the hopes of making chores less dreadful. As a mother, Rebecca understands how much time is dedicated to laundry, so why not make it enjoyable? “If it is a place where you are spending a lot of time, you want it to be fun and pretty,” Rebecca says, and we agree.

Original kitchen before R Co construction renovation

BEFORE: Things were starting to change, but this kitchen had a long way to go before it was photo-ready. Notice that the layout of the space didn’t change significantly, but the design definitely did.

open-concept floor plan - Germantown renovation

AFTER: An open-concept floor plan was the solution to a dark, cramped living room and kitchen. Now the two rooms work as one cohesive space.

Kitchen designed by R. Co Construction

Rebecca and E.J. thoughtfully selected well-priced materials to deliver a design that is timeless and elegant without breaking the bank. The designer admits that the sink and faucet are splurge items.

Mirrored backsplash in Germantown renovation kitchen

A mirrored backsplash brings interest to the bar area, an extension of the kitchen.

New decking, pool and floor-to-ceiling windows in Germantown renovation

Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the pool, which received new concrete and decking.

Mudroom and pantry by R. Co Construction

A combined mudroom and pantry, with an attached laundry room, deserved as much attention as the rest of the home. Now, the functional spaces are easy on the eyes.

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What is now a spa-like space was previously a carpeted bathroom lacking design. To match the level of luxury applied to the first floor, the bathroom received a new blueprint that made room for a large tub and walk-in shower, plus double vanities. It is the shower that steals the show. Clad in tile from top to bottom, it features three showerheads operated with a sophisticated control system. There is also space in the shower to de-robe and hang your towel (without getting soaked). Since the shower occupies the space previously used for the tub, a free-standing tub was placed in a more prominent location. The window, which overlooks the backyard, was left untouched.

Original bathroom before R. Co construction

BEFORE: As you can see, the footprint of the space was changed to accommodate a bigger shower. Plus, blinds were removed from the windows, and carpet was torn up and replaced with tile.

Master bathroom by R. Co Construction

AFTER: Wow is the first word that comes to mind when seeing this master bathroom. In the shower, we can’t help but call out the tiled ceiling. This is something E.J. does in all of his showers. “It makes it easier to clean,” he says.

Original vanity before R. Co renovation

BEFORE: It is hard to believe that this is the same space that exists today. Significant changes left a major impact.

Double vanity- Germantown renovation

AFTER: Two closets and cabinets that sit under the double vanity offer storage space. Above the vanity, a mirror makes the room appear even larger.

“It is my mentality that you spend the most time in the kitchen and bathroom, so those deserve the most attention,” E.J. says. “We know that while some people love the process of renovation, others hate it. This home was made move-in ready for someone who didn’t want to go through the process. This was a great project — the location was key, the bones were good, and everything came together nicely.”

This Germantown renovation was only on the market for one day before it was scooped up by the lucky folks who now call it home. E.J. identifies Germantown as a neighborhood ripe with potential for renovations, and he celebrates the area for its good schools and desirability for families. He gives credit to the location for the quick sale of the house, but we fully credit the family-friendly, low-maintenance design that makes you say, “Wow!”


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