Hiding the laundry room in the back corner of the home has long been how homeowners deal with this necessary but challenging space. With the right design though, the laundry room can sustain the same level of personal style as the rest of your home. We turned to Southern interior designers who believe the laundry room can function as an organized and, dare we say, pretty space to showcase. Most noticeably in these designers’ flawless laundry room designs are the personality-packed aesthetics, but take a closer look to find the smart storage solutions and creative use of space for ultimate productivity. These wash-and-fold rooms reveal everything you need to transform your laundry room into a clutter-free, functional spot that doesn’t sacrifice style … life-changing!

5 Laundry Rooms That Will Make You Look Forward to Laundry Day

Penthouse Laundry Room

When empty nesters downsized into a new construction penthouse, designers Hannah Ozburn and Meredith Powell teamed up to tackle the interiors. The designers took the opportunity to incorporate whimsical design into the laundry room, making daily chores a happier happening. Wallpaper by Wayne Pate + StudioFour NYC is a star in the design, setting the stage for a personality-filled space. Since the homeowners had significantly less square footage than their previous home, the designers wanted to ensure each room was very thoughtful and packed its own punch. Mission accomplished!

Penthouse laundry room designed by Hannah Ozburn and Meredith Powel

Covering the walls in wallpaper is a way for homeowners to liven up a laundry room and add visual interest. Case in point: this laundry room design by Hannah Ozburn and Meredith Powell. Image: Mary Craven Photography

Close-up of pink wallpaper by wallpaper by Wayne Pate + StudioFour NYC

Wallpaper by Wayne Pate + StudioFour NYC  + bejeweled hardware = a BEAUTIFUL laundry room! Image: Mary Craven Photography

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Functionality First

When envisioning ways to make your laundry room more functional, start with how you intend to use it. This family opts to air-dry most of their clothing, so space is key. Austin-based designer Sarah Stacey designed a system of flat-lay drawers and hanging racks to meet the family’s needs. With no room for wasted space, the design includes racks that fold into the wall when they are not in use. The rest of the space is dedicated to storage. The family goes shoeless inside the home, so Sarah created an area to store shoes as well as cabinets to hold cleaning supplies, a built-in ironing board and pull-out laundry baskets. Although the room is noticeably functional, it doesn’t lack finesse — thanks to soothing blue paint on the cabinets and graphic tile flooring.

Laundry room designed by Sarah Stacey

Sarah Stacey opted for a pale blue paint color on the cabinets and geometric tile flooring, making laundry day something to look forward to. Cabinets store the laundry room essentials, and the locker-style storage is reserved for shoes, sports gear, bags, and umbrellas. Image: Avery Nicole Photography

Shelves, drying racks and bench in laundry room

Sarah Stacey’s laundry room design is complete with drying racks designed to avoid any damage to clothing, aluminum pans to catch water, precautions that prevent mold and mildew and an extra exhaust fan that whisks away lingering moisture. Image: Avery Nicole Photography

Fresh and Functional

Hattie Collins of Hattie Sparks Interiors labels this laundry room as fresh and functional, and we have to agree. She chose a darker color to give depth to the space while creating contrast with a continuous marble slab counter and white cabinetry. The designer found room for folding, hanging clothes, and storage, which shows that no matter the square footage, a design that fits your needs is possible. This classic look proves you don’t have to sacrifice good design for functionality.

Laundry room designed by Hattie Collins of Hattie Sparks Interiors

A daring paint color is a welcomed contrast to the white cabinetry and marble countertop in this laundry room designed by Hattie Collins of Hattie Sparks Interiors. Image: Laura Steffan Photography

Washing machines, storage and bench in expert-designed home

Well-placed storage is a must in any laundry room design. This one conceals clutter behind closed cabinets and in storage baskets, and uses the rest of the space wisely. Image: Laura Steffan Photography

Lake House Laundry

The homeowners did not overlook the laundry room in this lake house getaway packed with color and flair designed by Maggie Griffin Design. Double washers and dryers are integral to the home’s functionality, and surrounding cabinetry creates storage for seasonal gear (like sunscreen, outdoor toys and party supplies). She added punchy wallpaper and painted cabinets to deliver a happy space perfect for tending to the laundry that lake life brings.

Sink and cabinets accented by blue and white wallpaper

A well-designed space by Maggie Griffin Design for laundering at the lake shows storage space is just as important as selecting the right appliances. Image: Brian Bieder Photography

Laundry room designed by Maggie Griffin Design

Washing towels and bedsheets is a breeze thanks to double washers and dryers that live in this laundry room. Image: Brian Bieder Photography

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Practical but Pretty

The most important element of design in this laundry room was the height of the washer and dryer. The March + May Design team prioritized an ergonomic design to accommodate their client’s back issues. The appliances were inserted into the cabinetry to create a built-in look. Beneath, drawers hold laundry baskets and cleaning supplies at an accessible height. To accommodate the client’s love of color, they designed a bright, cheerful laundry room with painted cabinetry, checkerboard flooring and charming window coverings.

Laundry room designed by March + May Design

Instead of hiding the washer and dryer, the designers chose to showcase them in pretty blue built-ins. Interior designers Natalie Roe and Rachel Anderson worked together on this gorgeous space to give the homeowner a dream laundry room. Image: Summer Ennis Interiors

Washing machines and teal cabinets

Don’t skimp on beauty just because the laundry room means chores. This room’s gold hardware is perfection! Image: Summer Ennis Interiors

Doing the laundry has never looked more appealing! 


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