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Jewelry designer Allie Varner and "model" (dog neame?) wearing the Dragon necklace in turquoise.

Jewelry designer Allie Varner and “model” Birdie wearing the Dragon necklace in turquoise. Photo credit: Kaki Smith

Allison (“Allie”) Varner is the creative spirit behind a refreshingly fun, yet stunningly elegant line of jewelry under the endearing label allie rox. Allie does “rock” in more ways than one. She is one of those women who leads a ticker-tape lifestyle with an endless list of responsibilities. As a friend, I know first-hand about the many directions she goes each day. I am convinced that her artistic work as a jewelry designer must be a retreat for her, because the enthusiasm and passion she puts into each design from idea to finish adds even more sparkle to the finished piece.


About the designer …

Allie’s Rhodes College degree in history/art history inspired her to work as a flight attendant for an international airline that has been taking her all over the world for the past 25 years. Allie is always jetting off to Asia, India and Europe, thus she is constantly immersed in multiple cultures.


allie rox jewels are …

edgy, affordable and original. Worldwide travel as well as nature, the textures of fashion, seasonal color and art inspire Allie’s designs. Probably the most dominant point of departure for each new collection is what she sees on monthly tours of the Far East markets.

The style of each line will remain fresh, new and relevant to the season because each of Allie’s designs is limited. Traveling to exotic Shanghai, Beijing and Bombay, she is always astonished at the vivid variety of new semiprecious stones and pearls. Each piece is created with her all female team located in these faraway lands. Allie says, “Watching the women work with their tiny, delicate hands stringing my designs is an exciting cultural lesson in art.” allie rox designs use only the best of silk threading, always matching perfectly the stone or luster of the pearl. The underlying mystery of faraway lands where each piece originates adds to the aesthetic charm of allie rox designs.

Current allie rox designs …

Allie’s newest collection is titled “The Dragon.” Each Dragon is unique to the owner; there are no two ever alike.


The “Dragon.” This version is set off by dark green jade matching the dragon’s emerald eyes; $350. Photo credit: Kaki Smith


This “Dragon” necklace is set off by sky blue faceted aquamarine stones; $350. If you saw Allie at the recent Bijoux Parisiens Gala at Dixon Gallery and Gardens, she was modeling this one! Photo credit: Kaki Smith

Her most popular style is the long-stranded Allie Inception pearl necklace, $200; beautiful in either black, blue, nude pink or amethyst crystals. The clear crystal with inception pearls is great worn alone or with other silver or gold jewelry for a chunky, hip look!


Allie Inception pearl necklace with nude pink crystals. Photo credit: Kaki Smith


A layered option with the Allie Inception pearl necklace. Photo credit: Kaki Smith


This allie rox style is current and chic with a sterling chain and strands of faceted aquamarines; $145. Photo credit: Kaki Smith

She offers a sporty, less expensive line with sterling chains or 14-kt gold overlay chains combined with semiprecious stones chosen by the customer with many in a $75 price point; great graduation gifts!


Examples of sportier styles.

Allie was recently commissioned to design a favor for every guest at the Bijoux Parisiens Gala, an event welcoming the arrival of an exquisite and historic French jewelry exhibit at Dixon Gallery and Gardens. The Dixon pin was part of the display at each of the 400+ place settings. It’s design was created “to reflect the energy of this grand event,” a wearable, shiny version of the Dixon leaf logo. Four perfectly faceted quartz crystals and a cabochon cut piece of jade (reflective of the green Dixon leaf), surrounded by floating crystals.



The Dixon pin

We can only watch and marvel as this jet-setting wife and mother of two flys off to yet another exotic place each month; however, she shares the excitement and color of worldwide travel with us through her original line of jewelry.

allie rox jewels are priced from $20 to $350, and most items fall between the $60 to $180 range. See more allie rox designs with detailed pricing information, plus learn about current showings and online ordering at


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