No matter your circumstances, everyone loves a good deal. And with endless online buying options, we’re loving this local option born in Nashville and expanding to Memphis! A-Stock is an online bidding platform where every item starts at $1, and you pick up your wins locally and safely. Whether you’re into the reselling game or just love the thrill of landing a great deal, A-Stock will be your new go-to.

Offering six locations throughout Tennessee and one in Indiana, A-Stock buys items in bulk from major retailers and sells them as individual lots, items, and even pallets via its online bidding platform. “We list each item individually, and that’s what our auctions are built on,” explains A-Stock employee Caroline Swenson. “It’s typically a mix of everything, depending on the auction and location. Everything starts at $1, so we give people the opportunity to name their price.”

Man typing on a computer in a warehouse filled with cardboard boxes.
A-Stock is an online auction company with six warehouse locations. Local Tennessee options include Nashville, Memphis, Antioch, Hendersonville, Columbia, and one near the Nashville airport.

To start bidding, you’ll simply fill out the registration form on the A-Stock website. With only 15 questions, filling out the form should take less than 10 minutes. Once it’s completed, you’re ready to bid! You can do so online using the A-Stock website or the official app, available on both the App Store and Google Play.

In terms of A-Stock’s bidding process, it’s relatively easy. Depending on the sale and its location, they typically last five to seven days. While you can check back on items frequently to see if someone has outbid you, A-Stock also offers a ‘max bid’ option. Simply enter the maximum amount you’re willing to spend, and A-Stock’s system will automatically bid for you without exceeding your budget.

Mary Beth Lovell posing in an A-Stock warehouse.
Mary Beth Lovell (pictured) is A-Stock’s Customer Service Manager. She’s likely to greet you if you visit A-Stock’s Antioch location!

Thanks to these easy-to-use platforms and a variety of items, A-Stock draws a wide customer base — from people who peruse the auctions only every so often to those who log on every day to see what’s new and update their bids. “We have all types of customers — people who shop for fun and love to be the winning bidder, all the way to customers who have quit their jobs to resell full-time,” adds A-Stock Customer Service Manager Mary Beth Lovell.

Blonde woman in a black top typing on a laptop in a warehouse.
“We are so lucky to have the customers we do and have worked on creating an environment where customers have a safe, quick, and easy pick-up process,” says Mary Beth.

Kelsey MacGinnis, a frequent A-Stock user, loves to bid on the ‘bid-it-to-win-it boxes,’ which include multiple items in a specific category. Boxes can include anything from beauty products to toys, home improvement items, and more. Each listing includes how many items are in a box, often ranging from 20 to 35 pieces. Kelsey adds that she often turns “unboxing” her wins into a fun girls’ night with friends.

“At the end of the week, for one of our girls’ nights, we’ll open a bottle of wine and go through bid-it-to-win-it boxes, which include gosh-knows-what in them,” explains Kelsey. “We’ve had wigs come in boxes, so we saved them for random weeknights out … We’ve also gotten a few more of our friends involved, where it used to be just two of us. You never know with bid-it-to-win-it boxes. Opening the boxes and seeing what you can use, or finding ways to use things, is always very exciting.”

Exterior of an A-Stock warehouse.
“You have the ability to name your price — that’s kind of how we started all of this,” says Caroline of what sets A-Stock apart from options like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. “Everything starts at $1 and you pick up safely and locally.

Regardless of the bidding approach you choose, once you win an auction, you have two business days to pick up your item at the A-Stock warehouse where your win is stocked. When you arrive at the warehouse, an A-Stock employee will load items into your car. “This is a safe place to come pick up your items. For example, with Facebook Marketplace, you have no idea who you’re going to meet or where,” explains Caroline. “Once you show up, we’ll pull the items for you and haul them to your car.”

A-Stock employee smiling and looking at a cart of cardboard boxes.
The pick-up process at A-Stock is seamless. Show up, and a friendly A-Stock employee will pull your items for you and load them into your vehicle.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional in the reselling game, looking to get started, or simply want a good bargain, A-Stock is the perfect platform to peruse everything from household essentials to apparel, electronics, and more. Are you ready to start bidding?

A-Stock Nashville is located in Antioch at 5901 Crossings Blvd., Antioch, TN 37013, and West Nashville at 145 Centennial Blvd., Nashville, TN 37209. A-Stock Memphis is located at 1981 Fletcher Creek Drive, Memphis, TN 38133. To learn more and peruse the current offerings, visit

This article is sponsored by A-Stock. All photography by Courtney Eckdahl.

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