We enlisted the help of Feng Shui consultant Katie Rogers, who shares some easy ways to get good energy flowing through your home.


Feng Shui does not have to be rocket science. If you’ve tried researching Feng Shui on the Internet or in bookstores, more than likely you’ve come across conflicting information that has left you feeling totally confused. Rest assured, it’s not you. There are actually several different schools and philosophies of feng shui, and at first glance, it can seem impossible to understand. However, there is one thing all feng shui consultants can agree upon: If the space feels good, it’s good feng shui.

The problem is, when you are living in your own space day in and day out, we can easily to lose sight of whether it feels good or not. You know how certain folks don’t realize their home smells strongly of mothballs? It’s the same with energy: Over time, we get used to the “stench” of stuck, stagnant or depressed energy — and believe me, that has an effect on us!

Here are 5 easy DIY feng shui tips to maximize the chi (a.k.a. energy) of your living space immediately:

Give it a good cleaning.

We all know that a clean house is a good-feeling house. Yes, this counts as a feng shui cure! No matter what is going on in your life, taking the time to really give your space a good cleaning (or dialing the number to an excellent cleaning service), is absolutely worth every penny and every ounce of your time. To make it a bit more feng shui-y, set an intention for your cleaning spree. Do this by lighting a candle and thinking or saying out loud: “As I clean, I am releasing old, stagnant energy. Out with the old, in with the new!”

Check for “dead” things.

No, I’m not talking about a possum stuck in your chimney. I am talking about over-watered plants or plants that have outgrown their pots! I am talking about things that are symbolically “dead” to you, like those skinny jeans that you hope to fit into again some day, or that (expensive) piece of art from the ex that doesn’t look good in your home anyway. The solution? In three words: LET. IT. GO.

Plants are alive...and therefore bring the space alive!

Plants are alive…and therefore bring the space alive! Photo credit: www.home-designing.com.

Change it up.

You have my permission to do whatever you darn well want to do with your home.  If you would rather have an art room than a dining room, then change it up! If you love turquoise and want to paint a wall that color, then do it! So many people are trapped by the “rules” of what a home should look like instead of making it an expression of themselves and a vehicle to help them feel great! Let go of the “shoulds,” and make it yours —not what Pinterest or The Joneses or your mom thinks it should be. (Disclaimer: Yes, there are some feng shui no-no’s that could pop up as a result of your full expression, but it’s best sometimes to go with that, then dial it down later, rather than to be restrained altogether.)

Might not be for everyone, but this room hollers PERSONALITY! Photo credit:

Might not be for everyone, but this room hollers PERSONALITY! Photo credit: www.thetaoofdana.com.

Make your front entrance as welcoming as possible.

That whole “curb appeal” concept? Feng Shui in action. Make sure your doorbell works, your numbers are visible and your front porch and yard uncluttered. Get a nice doormat. Put some flowers out. Think of it this way: If royalty were to visit, how would you want them to feel walking up? Make it a smooth, inviting entrance to welcome good things into your life.

Splashes of color go a long way! Photo credit: www.why6percent.com.

Splashes of color go a long way! Photo credit: www.why6percent.com.

Open the windows and blinds.

I’m amazed how many folks don’t do this on a regular basis. Energy gets stuck! Air it out and let the sunshine in. It’s probably the easiest and one of the most effective things you can do to release stagnant energy.

Opening the windows circulates the chi. Do it!

Opening the windows circulates the chi. Do it! Photo credit: www.krisgal.blogspot.com.

All in all, your space should be a reflection of the lifestyle YOU want, serving you and your family on all levels, from the practical to the spiritual. You can achieve this by cleaning and clearing out, promising to live with less “stuff” and “fillers,” and then finding that unique expression in your space, so that you can see clearly what your priorities are in your life … and then live accordingly!

Thanks, Katie!


Katie Rogers is a certified Feng Shui consultant in the Tibetan Black Hat tradition who has been in practice for 15 years, as well as a Reiki Master, arborist, and artist/writer/filmmaker. She offers on-site and long distance consultations for residents, businesses, and just about anything that can be feng shui’d (yes, including parties) as well as on-going classes and workshops. Her intention is to help clients live their best and happiest lives possible through the amazing art and science of Feng Shui. 

Read more in her blog, The Sparklit: www.thesparklit.blogspot.com or visit www.katierogersfengshui.com.