Louisville: Walking the New Lincoln Bridge

They expected 5,000-15,000 people to show up to walk the new Lincoln Bridge on Saturday morning, December 5 and 50,000 people showed up for this once in a lifetime event. With the city and the river bathed in a thick fog, it made the experience that much more dramatic. Visitors drove over the old Kennedy bridge to Jeffersonville, Indiana and parked their cars to walk back to Kentucky over the new bridge. The anticipation of this event was great, with an entire city watching the day by day progress of this new bridge over the last couple years. Each day the traffic pattern seemed to be different with ramps and divisions snaking all over the waterfront. But walking the bridge, free of cars or traffic, will not happen again. It especially won’t happen for 50,000 people at the same time.   People were dressed in all sorts of outfits, from workout gear to Abraham Lincoln costumes. What a great sight to see!

Photos by Andrew McCawley at First Light Image