Louisville: Twisted Pink Masquerade Ball

The second annual Twisted Pink Masquerade Ball took place at The Gillespie on Saturday, February 13, 2016.  Over 400 people attended the event to support the mission of Twisted Pink, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  The mission of Twisted Pink is to fund metastatic (stage IV) breast cancer research, while exposing the hidden statistics about the disease.

Guests wore their finest cocktail and black tie dresses accompanied by fun masquerade masks.

The first annual event raised over $100,000, all of which was donated to, Dr. Yoannis Imbert- Fernandez, at the University of Louisville ~ James Graham Brown Cancer Center.  Dr. Fernandez is performing research on ER+ metastatic breast cancer.  The funds from Twisted Pink has allowed Dr. Fernandez to expand upon her cell model in the lab and move her research to a mouse model. The end goal being new clinical trials for stage 4 breast cancer patients.  The average survival rate for metastatic breast cancer is 2-3 years.  In the United States approximately 40,000 people die a year of metastatic breast cancer and despite early detection, this statistic has not changed in over 30 years.

Lynne Givens spoke to the attendees about living life with metastatic breast cancer.  Lynne is a wife, mother, Volleyball Coach and Biology teacher at Green County High School.  Her husband, State Senator David Givens, along with other family and friends were by her side as she gave an inspiring witness to living life with metastatic breast cancer.

Twisted Pink runs entirely on volunteers.  The dinner portion of the event was catered by Masterson’s and tables were decorated by committee members under the guidance of designer, Jason Jennings, who donated his time and talent to create an amazing evening of hope for metastatic breast cancer patients.   The evening concluded with dancing to Tyrone Smith Revue, also known as “Super T” from Nashville, TN.

To learn more about Twisted Pink, our mission or to donate to research, visit www.twistedpink.org

Photos by First Light Image.