Louisville: Tuxes and Tails

The Kentucky Humane Society’s annual Tuxes & Tails Gala Fundraiser was Saturday, August 13 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Marriot East. Guests enjoyed mingling with guest pets, all of whom were adoptable dogs and cats. All guests were greeted by the “spokes-foal” Abner, who was an orphaned foal saved by the Kentucky Humane Society.

Over 400 animal lovers, dressed to the nines, were greeted by a tux-clad Abner on their way into the event. The theme for this year’s fundraiser was “Hollywoof and the Cat’s Meow”, so there were definitely some party goers dressed up for this night. Guests enjoyed live entertainment from the Fun-Size Band, a group of local teens on the music scene here in Louisville. They also enjoyed a silent auction, live auction and dinner. If you still had energy left after all that, there was an After Party into the wee hours.

Proceeds from Tuxes & Tails benefit cats and dogs at the Kentucky Humane Society, a local nonprofit animal welfare agency that finds loving homes for more than 6,000 pets each year and helps the community by spaying or neutering more than 10,000 pets annually at its donor-supported S.N.I.P. Clinic. KHS saves every adoptable pet it takes in. Last year more than 90% of the pets who came through their doors found their forever homes.

Photographs by First Light Image.

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