StyleBlueprint Louisville’s 5th Birthday Party

StyleBlueprint recently celebrated its fifth birthday with a party at Digs Home and Garden’s new indoor showroom. Known for its outdoor settings and furniture, Digs has recently expanded its store to showcase its new indoor furniture and decor. The new showroom is stunning and all the guests spent time perusing all the covetable items during the party.

Ben Palmer-Ball and Deb Woolfolk from Digs kept the wine and conversation flowing, showing people around their new space. They were so gracious to host our soiree.

The Cheddar Box kept everyone full and happy throughout the event with their specialty appetizers. Cake Flour made an amazing five layer chocolate cake special for StyleBlueprint. Cutting it was a challenge, as there were so many perfect beautiful layers to get through. Heidi Potter, not a cake cutting expert by any means, destroyed many a lovely piece of cake. No worries, it all tasted divine!

We were surprised by a stunning huge arrangement from Blooms, which added the finishing touch to our serving table.

Friends from all over came for the party. Lots of FACES of Louisville were there. Lots of personal friends and people that we have met along the way were all there to join in the celebration. We loved seeing everyone!

Cheers to you StyleBlueprint Louisville on a great five years!

Photography by First Light Image

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