Louisville: Fest of Ale

The 11th Fest of Ale was a complete success, raising over $15,000 for Crusade For Children! This was the first year in their new location in New Albany on the riverfront and guests enjoyed beer and wine tastings along with music from the local groups Squeeze-bot and Hot Iron Skillet.
Behind the booths and in the crowds were brewers, brewery reps and the utmost beer geeks wandering through alongside the first timers and those who were there to enjoy the social aspect. The House of Hops and the Sour Shack are great features for “hop heads” and those adventurous to explore the sour line up. Folks lined up for the 4 p.m. rare tapping of Founders CBS.
Local food vendors in New Albany provided the food, such as Gospel Bird, Taco Steve, Eh Cumpari and Comfy Cow. Comfy Cow was giving out samples of hard root beer, cream and orange soda floats! Regalo gave out free bottles of water as a DD sponsor, plus had some great local beer related shirts and socks for sale.
Rain did not dampen the spirits of any of the fest goers, when two fast but furious storms blew through New Albany. It was about two hours in when the first shower hit, but people took cover under the main stage, under Brewers tents and got to know one another. One fun part about a sudden rain shower at an outdoor beer fest is it makes everyone get close, talk to one another, and randomly meet  new people.  The City of New Albany also gave out free ponchos for Fest of Ale goers.
The fest made the sunny side of Louisville proud!
All photography by Tony Bennett Photography.
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