Louisville: APRON’s Taste of Independents

The APRON Inc.’s Second Annual Taste of Independents on July 10 was a smashing success  with double the number of  local vendors and triple the amount of guests, who tasted the day away while listing to Robbie Bartlett Jazz Duo and simply enjoying a lovely afternoon of food and friends!

APRON is a nonprofit group that provides financial relief to members of the local food service industry, and is funded by 85 different food and beverage establishments in the Louisville area. Over 25 local restaurants came out to showcase their food, with everyone from Anoosh Bistro, to Butchertown Grocery to The Comfy Cow.

Guests enjoyed food from all these wonderful restaurants, along with drinks and live entertainment from the Robbie Bartlett Jazz Duo. There was also a silent auction and giveaways for guests.

Photographs by Bill Brymer Photography.

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