I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any girl who isn’t me tonight.

I bet Maria from West Side Story had her makeup done before she sang that song. Nothing feels better than being made over by a professional. Let’s face it, not many of us have the time or skills to do our own makeup (at least not well) before an event. We think we can do it ourselves, and we can to some extent, but it never quite has the effect or the lasting qualities that a professional job does.

There are many great places in Louisville to get your makeup done, and some of them may surprise you, as they’re not always in your typical salon, as you will see below. Let’s take a look.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

The Beauty Bar at Circe + Swag

3642 Brownsboro Road, Louisville KY 40204 • (502) 894-0095

The Beauty Bar at Circe is home to one of Louisville’s favorite makeup artists, Sloan Winters. He has carved out a chic niche on one side of the store that has eight makeup lines, four skin care lines and more than a dozen fragrance lines.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Sloan Winters works his magic on a client at The Beauty Bar.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Eight color lines, four skin care lines and 12 fragrances are up for grabs at The Beauty Bar.

Sloan has a light touch and believes that good makeup needs to make a woman look like herself, only better. He is against heavy foundation and heavy eye makeup. His emphasis is on eyes, and he always makes sure to hydrate the eye area first, then apply concealer. He then concentrates on the eyebrow, tightlining the eye, and then mascara. After the eyes are done, Sloan then covers up imperfections on the face, which is opposite of how most people put on makeup. Also, he does makeup for any event, especially weddings and occasions.

Interested? Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect to pay at The Beauty Bar:

  • $55 for general makeup application for 30 minutes on-site
  • $15 extra for lashes
  • $100 an hour for on-location makeup application
  • $55 per face for weddings, with a four face minimum
  • $200 flat rate for wedding parties with less than four
Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Sloan’s “office”

Omagi Salon Spa

4045 Summit Plaza Drive, Louisville, KY 40241 • (502) 426-2213

Omagi is an Aveda salon, and makeup artists Casey Ewing and Heather Burke were excited to debut the new Aveda spring line with neutrals and purples. Omagi is known for its hair styling, but they also have a dedicated makeup area. Complimentary touch-up and sampling is always offered after a service, so that you can try all the colors and products for yourself.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Casey Ewing and Heather Burke show off their new Aveda spring line, which is brimming with color.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Indian Sunset is the name of the new spring line we tried.

Both ladies love Aveda’s tinted moisturizers, bronzers and lip glazes the most of all the products. When doing makeup, they prefer to define the eyes with neutral colors to make them pop. They also both swear by concealer and a good bronzer.

Here’s what to expect, cost-wise, for an Omagi makeup application:

  • $40 for full makeup application, which includes foundation, powder, eyes, cheeks and lips
  • $55 for full makeup, plus addition of lashes and a bit more glam (This is a popular option for weddings, dances and other important events.)
Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

The application of bronzer gives her face more color.

Primp Style Lounge

3917 Chenoweth Sq., Louisville, KY 40207 • (502) 384-7043

You can go to Primp Style Lounge and not get a blowout. It’s true. Makeup artists Samantha Stewart and Colleen Hughes (not pictured) have all the tools of beauty at their disposal to “primp” your makeup.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Makeup artist Samantha Stewart at her station at Primp Style Lounge

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Applying eye makeup requires strong concentration, especially when you’re working on the boss.

They use FACE Atelier makeup, which has a neutral color line. Samantha calls her specialty The Self, which is “you, revved up.” She does not think makeup should be intimidating or uncomfortable. Also, she likes a strong brow and generous mascara, coupled with a light blush and a neutral lip.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Primp owner Shannon Kessler is all primped up by Samantha. Two beauties!

Here’s a look at the costs for various makeup options at Primp:

  • $50 for Glamour, which is best for an event or photo shoot and includes contouring and eyelashes
  • $40 for The Self, basically you, but enhanced
  • $25 for In Style, which is just makeup application on the eyes
  • $20 for Real Simple, which is a 20-minute makeup application that is just that: real simple
  • $15 for lash application

Clique Beauty Boutique

2846 Frankfort Ave., Louisville, KY 40206 • (502) 895-3993

Clique is not just about perfect brows and waxing. They do great makeup, too, with their line of Glo Minerals makeup. Makeup artist Ashley Bannon considers her signature style “natural dramatic,” with a big focus on the eyes and making them pop. Clique is one of the few places in town that does airbrush foundation, and you can get just that if you desire.

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Ashley Bannon pictured in front of her tools of the trade

Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Ashley’s advice to those doing their own makeup is to skip the heavy eyeliner and to concentrate on having a strong — not heavy — brow. A heavy brow is too much for the face and does not enhance it. For a place that concentrates on brow shape with such expertise, we all need to take this advice to heart.Where To Get Your Makeup Done Professionally

Clique’s service menu is as follows:

  • $85 for a deluxe application, which includes full makeup, plus lashes and airbrush foundation
  • $50 for basic application, includes full face, foundation, concealer and contouring
  • $20 for lashes
  • $20 for airbrush foundation only

J. Michael’s Salon and Spa

4121 Shelbyville Road, Ste. 1, Louisville, KY 40207 • (502) 742-8790

J. Michael’s has five makeup artists at the ready. On the day we stopped by, we interviewed makeup artists Ginger Kress and Britney Dunbar to talk about the Jane Iredale makeup line. They both love this line, saying that it is so good for your skin that you can sleep in it, and that it acts like a night cream. They especially love the BB cream foundation and concealer because it gives even coverage under the eyes and around the mouth. One trick they showed us was using bronzer as a blush and popping the center of the cheek with a hit of pink blush.

Great makeup places

Jane Iredale’s line of makeup is great for your skin. The makeup artists at J. Michael’s swear that they sleep in it because it acts like a night cream.

Great makeup places

The expert touch!

Great makeup places

Great hair and makeup are the norm for these ladies.

They also love the Jane Iredale eyebrow kit for filling in brows and making them strong. They like to pair that with matte eyeshadow and mascara for a winning look.

Want to experience the J. Michael’s makeup application for yourself? Here’s what to expect:

  • $60 an hour for a makeup lesson (with product purchase, this price goes down)
  • $45 for glamorous makeup application, used for events, weddings and dances.
  • $40 for full makeup application

SKYN Lounge

227 Chenoweth Lane, Louisville, KY 40207 • (502) 894-3335

Owner Erica McDowell is a jack(ie) of all trades, and she is the primary makeup artist at SKYN Lounge. She loves focusing on eyes and eyebrows, paying special attention to eye shadow. Just look at her own makeup to see that she loves color and technique, and is great at both.

Great makeup places

Erica McDowell stands before her makeup line, Zen Skyn, at SKYN Lounge.

Great makeup places

Erica practices on Abby, who also works at SKYN Lounge.

Great makeup places

We love the Zen SKYN lip glosses. They have a great texture and taste.

Erica has developed her own line of makeup, Zen Skyn, that she sells at the store. Her foundation, lip gloss and eye palettes are her most popular sellers. Erica also offers complimentary makeup touch-up after any service.

Here’s a look at the cost of a SKYN Lounge visit:

  • $70 for full makeup application (makeup only done at SKYN Lounge, not on location)
  • $25 for lashes

Now that we have given you leads on where to go for great makeup application, why not make plans and treat yourself to a professional makeup application before a fun night out? You, too, can feel pretty and witty and bright!


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