Labor Day marks the end for many things in fashion: linen, white shoes, and white handbags are a few.  But, it marks the beginning of a sub-culture of wardrobing that is getting more and more fashionable than in years past.  This would be your tailgating wardrobe.  Fashionable sportswear: no, it’s not an oxymoron.

In the past, ladies were stuck with BIG ugly jerseys or over-sized loud clothing that wasn’t flattering on anyone other than a linebacker.

Which one of you is dating the football player?? And stole all his jerseys for your friends to wear as nightgowns??


Or the other alternative, um, how do I gently say this….trashy clothes.

I play football all the time in my little bitty bikini bottoms. Let’s me move more naturally without big pants getting in the way.


Since we are a Louisville-based site, I’m going to focus only on the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.  Save your hate mail, I’m not even representing my alma mater, Vanderbilt (Go Commodores!).

As in the case with any clothing with WORDS on it (I’m not a big fan of WORDS on clothes), think simple.  Less is more in this case.  You need not be a billboard or one-woman cheering section.

My initial reaction was that I needed to shop at a sporting goods store.  That is not necessarily the case.  There are lots of good online sites and there is a new boutique in town, Crush Boutique Louisville in Middletown, that has cute women’s sportswear.  It is a fancier version of what the standard-issue is online.  Simply click on the pictures to learn more about how to buy.

For warmer temperatures, think short-sleeve.  Cute with white jeans, regular jeans, lightweight skirts and all forms of shorts.  Both of these short-sleeved shirts are from Crush Boutique (they come in long-sleeved versions as well).

UK sequined short-sleeve top ($28) with sequined hat ($24), from Crush Boutique Louisville.


UofL sequined Cardinal bird top $28, from Crush Boutique Louisville


For cooler temperatures, think long-sleeved tops, worn with jeans, jackets and hats.

Long-sleeve Louisville t-shirt, $19.25


Long-sleeve UK t-shirt, $24


So soft and warm for cold stadiums $74.99. Plush jacket made by Columbia.


And, it is not just clothes that we can focus on.  You can show your spirit through other means.

Bling is always nice.

UK charm bracelet $16.99

UofL charm bracelet $16.99

Fossil watch $120

You always need cute hats and other accessories.

Love the pink hats, $15.99


Just a nice simple visor, $13, thank you.


UK infinity scarf, $28, available at Crush Boutique Louisville. Also comes in red and black.


UK Sequined Paw Belt available at Crush Boutique Louisville. Belt is $30, interchangeable buckle is $22.

Things to steer clear from.  Period.

I dare you to do this one. Try to fit that garter under your jeans.


These would work on your French pedicure too:)


Who knew a cardinal was so….Fierce.


Games start in two weeks ladies.  Stop dressing like the boys and get your own sportswear.