Three Fridays ago, I received a text with a picture of this:

Louisville Subway Sign

With the picture, my friend recommended that I visit Urban Farmhouse Market on Frankfort Avenue to see it.  This friend’s recommendations are always spot on, so I tucked it away for future reference.

Flash forward to three days later on Tuesday, I get three messages from other friends about going to see this new store on Frankfort:  Urban Farmhouse Market.

This store opened its doors on the Friday I received the text.  In four days, I already had four recommendations.  How’s that for building a buzz?

Three friends, Lisa Chawk, Kristen Lacy and Carri Reynolds, opened the store together after “brewing” about it for a year and a half..  They wanted to create the perfect collaboration of all their favorite stores and all their favorite things to buy.  It is a blend of Pottery Barn, Ballard Design and a Parisian Flea Market and is very unique to Louisville.  That being said, it has a definite hometown feel that the owners have infused into the store.

Their location on Frankfort Avenue used to be a wine store.  They gutted it, painted the entire store white and had white wooden built-ins made throughout the store.  They wanted it to have a crisp, clean feel; they have made it a canvas to showcase their wares.  It has an “organized” layer dynamic, which means that you can look and look and still find new things.  I, for one, spent almost two hours in there when I thought I would spend about thirty minutes.  I walked out with 97 pictures and a large bag of treats for my house.  A success!

Allow me to take you on a tour.  Here’s some of the things I loved (I won’t overload you with 97 pictures):

Great signs, handmade for the store.

Great fleur-de-lis housewares:

Glass Fleur-de-lis jars with lids

Fleur-de-lis Cupcake Holders and Scalloped Pillar Candle Holder

Fleur-de-lis Placecard Holders

Gift cards.

These “New Beginnings” wish tree cards are great gift cards for wedding or baby showers or…

Have your guests write a sweet note on them and hang them on a tree.

Birds, eggs and nests:  (see above gift cards too)

Clay monogrammed eggs that you can display in a nest and birdcage with your family initials.

Wrought iron bird napkin holders in sets of four.

Birdcage nightlights

Vintage Red Bird ornaments

Bird bottle holders

Vintage Silver Bird Ornament. Its feet clip on the tree and its legs are springs so it “pecks”.

“Our Nest Egg” gift enclosure cards.

French and burlap:

Burlap Paris Pillows

These burlap pillows have small St. Christopher medals sewn on the corners.

French Script Apples

Vintage Jute Number Trunk

Burlap Christmas Stockings

Numbers and letters as decor:

Large numbered crocks.

Wooden letters

That is just a taste of the many many things I loved here.  It is a great place to pick up a gift, or buy an ornament for the holiday season.


The Urban Farmhouse Market is located at 2830 Frankfort Avenue.