I’m picky, picky, picky about my tuna and chicken salad. I can list on one hand where I will eat chicken salad, and I can list on a couple fingers where I will eat tuna salad. Usually, I will only eat my own that I make, or my mother’s. It’s a mayonnaise issue for me; seeing too much mayo makes my skin crawl.

The one place that makes my short list for these salads is Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe. But, theirs is NOT your typical tuna or chicken salad. Doesn’t even try to be. Just like everything at Blue Dog, their versions of these classics are simple and delicious and different.

Where else can you eat lunch where the sugar and sweetener selection is all Illy? The little touches make a huge difference here.

The menu is hard to beat. I have had lots of things here, but I always return to the tuna.

The tuna I refer to is the Spicy Tuna, Egg and Greens:

Served on their Levain baguette (which is a meal in itself), this tuna has fresh herbs, capers, red pepper flakes and the slightest hint of aioli. No Miracle Whip here. Then it is topped with arugula and a hard-boiled egg. Always accompanied by my favorite side, the wheatberry salad.

Here is the Red Grape Toasted Pecan Chicken Salad:

Red Grape Toasted Pecan Chicken Salad

All the elements of a sandwich are here, as it is served with bread, but it’s on a bed of Kentucky Bibb lettuce. And yes, I realize it has some form of mayonnaise in it, but it seems so light.

As with any meal at Blue Dog, sit and enjoy the European ambience. Everything on the menu is fantastic!

Bon Appetit!



Blue Dog offers an amazing array of breads and pastries, too. For more information about this little gem of a bakery and cafe, visit their website: www.bluedogbakeryandcafe.com, or better yet, just go!