It might be slow.  It might plod along.  But few things in fashion have remained such a classic.  I would bet that 1) you already own several pieces of it and 2) you have probably had it many years.  Trends come and go quickly, but this one seems to keep calm and carry on.

Ralph, Michael, Marc and Tory like it.  I like it and have been wearing it since I was little.  Do you have any guesses what I’m talking about?

Hawksbill turtle

Thank you Mr. Hawksbill Turtle for inspiring great fashion accessories and p.s. love your shell.

Before you report me to PETA, actual tortoise shell from a real tortoise has been outlawed since the 1970s.  The tortoise we wear now is plastic.  You can still buy antique tortoise shell, which is sold mainly in the form of hair combs and flatware/serving pieces. Before it was outlawed, real tortoise shell was used in everything from sunglasses to guitar picks.  It definitely has a timeless quality to it.

Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Tortoise Shell (fake of course).  He looks good just about anywhere, anytime, on you, around you, and near you.

Click on the pictures for purchase information.

For your wrists:

Cuff by Tory Burch

Michael Kors goldtone bangles

Marc Jacobs bracelet


For your neck:

Tortoise Chain Link necklace by Summer Eliason

For your fingers:

Tory Burch Rings

For your ears:

Tortoise dangle earrings from Summer Eliason

What time is it?  Oh, its turtle time.

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors–No dear, this one’s from TARGET for $49.99

For your eyes:

J. Crew Sunglasses. These would look great on your yacht.

Tory Burch glasses frames. I feel smarter just looking at these.

For your hair:

Not your basic ponytail holder by Marc Jacobs.

Basic Goody headband. Goody makes all kinds of affordable tortoise hair pieces.

Basic barrette from Nordstrom

For your feet:

Dansko clogs-Practical choice.

J. Crew Cece leather and tortoise ballet flats.

Manolo Blahnik–Impractical, but lovely, choice.

And other accessories as well.

Skinny wrap belt from Banana Republic

Tortoise iPhone case

Even Bobbi Brown switched her packaging to Tortoise shell for the season.

Lastly, we do not have to confine tortoise to our bodies.  How about for your home?

Ralph Lauren lowball and highball glasses

Tortoise flatware

Nesting Tables from Century Furniture

Oh little tortoise, you are a friend of mine.  Thank you for adorning me in every capacity this fall.


Heidi Potter