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Lately, I’ve been hearing much buzz about Beechmont, a neighborhood in the South End near Iroquois Park. With big yards and well-built older homes, this is a great place for young families, with a strong sense of community.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (1)

I am more familiar with this area of town on foot, after running the mini-marathon through the park and down the beautiful Southern Parkway in years past. My only other interactions in the area is when I go eat at Vietnam Kitchen, which is not often enough for me, and when we go to shows or concerts at the renovated Iroquois Amphitheatre. In general though, I was woefully unfamiliar with this area.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (1)

The entrance into the lovely Iroquois Park.

Developed in 1890, and named after its preponderance of beech trees, this area was meant to be a “summer getaway” for wealthy residents of Old Louisville and downtown area, with Iroquois Park being the headliner. Southern Parkway was developed as one of the many arteries that sprouted out of downtown in all directions.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (2)

A “Grand Boulevard” it is.

Neighborhoods were developed with lots of room to be outdoors, either walking or being part of the community.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (3)

With a wide street, plus side streets, plus sidewalks, all roads lead to the park or to downtown.

Southern Parkway is the Grand Avenue of the entire neighborhood, with some beautiful houses. The areas around Southern Parkway have nice homes as well, with well-kept neighborhoods. When I was there last week, there was only one for sale on Southern Parkway, and it was for sale by owner, complete with a homemade sign. By the looks of this house, it has probably already sold.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (11)

I bet this Craftsman-style house is already sold.

The Beechmont Neighborhood Association has spent a lot of time and energy in this neighborhood. They are active on social media and active in getting people involved in their community.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (15)

The Beechmont Neighborhood Association is active and has done a superior job of keeping their neighborhood nice.

This area is home to a lot of immigrants, as well. The main grocery store, Valu-Market, is a cornucopia of flavors and ingredients. If ever you need something exotic, head down to this store in Iroqouis Manor and you will surely find it.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (7)

I hope they never change or update this sign, ever.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (8)

A cornucopia of food and ingredients are behind these doors.

Besides Iroquois Manor, there are stores and restaurants on Woodlawn Street. Starting at the gazebo and walking down the block, one can find a small grocery, Annie’s Vietnamese Restaurant, Sunergos coffee shop, and a the Beechmont Bombshells Hair Salon.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (14)

Sunergos also has locations near UofL and downtown.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (13)

Annie’s and Vietnam Kitchen are both great Vietnamese restaurants in this area.

The restaurant I heard most about from people was this one: Jimbo’s Bar-B-Que on Kenwood Avenue. There was a line out the door the day I tried to go eat lunch there.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (6)

This place is legendary.

When I was researching this story, it was 25 degrees and bustling outside. The park was full of walkers. Southern Parkway had people strolling, exercising and just sitting outside talking. Lots of strollers and bikes. Yards and homes were neat as a pin.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (5)

The Gazebo on Southern Parkway and Woodlawn.

People are invested in this neighborhood. With just about every house having a front porch, there were lots of people socializing or just sitting on their front porch taking in the sun.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (12)

More Southern Parkway homes.

The renovated Iroquois Library was a hub of activity. The line in front of the library for book drop-off and people parking was so long, I had to park down the street to get this shot.

sb iroquois beechmont neighborhood (10)

The Iroquois Library, renovated and bustling.

Even if you are not in the market for a new home, head over this way to walk in the park, go to a show at the Iroquois Amphitheatre or go out to eat.

Check out the Beechmont Facebook page here: or visit their blog here: beechmontky.

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