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Target: the mystical, magical haven. We all love Target for very obvious, perhaps varied reasons, but if you’re looking for an extra excuse to make a trip, we have you covered. We tapped some local designers to see if they’d divulge their favorite cheap Target “hacks,” and their responses are worth noting. Here’s what Louisville’s design experts pick up at Target.

Target Hacks From Local Design Pros

Serving Tray

Kari George, from The Home Sanctuary, loves a good serving tray. “We love nothing more than the use of a tray or platter to house ‘all the things.’ They help give a clean and contained look to any area of your home. Use one on your bathroom counter or dresser to hold your favorite earrings and bracelets. Place one in your kitchen to hold mail that needs to be sorted through, to create a coffee station with a couple of cups, sugar, spoons, etc., or use one on your bartop to hold wine glasses and a bottle of wine. The best part is that you can actually use these trays to serve food when you have guests over. Lastly, we also love to use trays as layering pieces when decorating. Place one behind an accessory on a bookshelf to add depth and make the accessory pop, or use one on top of your coffee table to give your remotes and coasters a clean and contained look.”

Find this tray for $14.99 at Target.

Serving tray- Favorite Hacks from Target

Acacia serving platter from Threshold™, $14.99 at Target.

Storage Bin

Abigail from Architectural Investments, Inc., likes to organize with a storage bin. “I work in the commercial side of interior design, so it is important for me to keep an organized workspace and resource library. I like to use them at the office for storing flooring or tile samples, and at home for my daughter’s small toys and bathroom closet organization. Having clear storage bins helps you quickly find what you’re looking for and keeps things looking tidy and consistent, which brings me great joy.”

Find this storage bin for $4 at Target.


Storage Bin- Favorite Hacks from Target

16.9 qt large modular storage bin from Ezy Storage, $4, at Target

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Curtain Rods

Page Thomas from Idea Source at Home says magic can be created with a great curtain rod. “Target has quickly become my go-to for many things — the number one thing being curtain rods! If I am not doing custom drapery for a client, Target has a large variety of curtain rods that offer different sizes and finishes. The price points are unbeatable, and the rods themselves compare to those from Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. They even have the modern drapery clips that are so popular right now — at a great price point as well! Pro tip: Measure your windows before you go shopping and always go larger on the rod. You want to hang your rod above and outside of the window, giving the illusion that the space and window are larger than they actually are.”

Find this curtain rod for $33.24 at Target.

Curtain rod- Favorite Hacks from Target

Loft By Umbra Cage curtain rod in Gray, (66-120 inches), $33.24, at Target

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

Sarah Borgmann from LL&A is obsessed with the endless possibilities of wallpaper. “I love the use of wallpaper, but it can get pricey. Not only can the material be expensive, but the cost of labor to have it installed can also be a pretty penny. I love that Target offers a “peel & stick” wallpaper. They have so many good looking options at an affordable price. It’s extremely easy to DIY, and you can remove it without any damage to your walls. It’s perfect if you’re renting, or even for homeowners. I love using this paper in powder rooms, dining rooms and in the back of bookcases!”

Find this wallpaper, which covers 27.5 square feet, for $29.99 at Target.

Wallpaper- Favorite Hacks from Target

Devine color speckled dot peel & stick wallpaper in black, $24.99, at Target

Ziploc Space Bags

Deb Arnold from Barry Wooley Designs loves saving space for her clients. “As a kitchen and bath designer, I am often called upon to revamp master closets. The one thing everyone wishes for in his or her closet is more space! These Ziploc Space Bags really work! They’re great for extra pillows and bedding and out-of-season clothing like bulky sweaters. You might not be able to expand the size of your closet, but you can create more space for the things you use regularly by condensing the things you don’t.”

Find these bags for $20.99 at Target.

Ziploc Space Bags- Favorite Hacks from Target

Ziploc Space Bag (3-count — one large, extra-large and jumbo), $20.99, at Target

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Oversized Table Runner

Jessica Schuler from J Renee Designs loves what can be done with a table runner. “My cheap design hack idea is Target‘s oversized table runners. By purchasing table runners in the larger 20-inch width size, it can really make your table decor stand out more when decorating for parties or holidays. I find it is even nice for day-to-day use when your table is more bare, as it adds a softer look. I like to stick to a solid color with bold texture or soft patterns that won’t overwhelm a space. This Target find is considered a hack to me because most stores don’t carry the oversized width, making this item appear more expensive or custom made.”

Find this table runner for $24.99 at Target.

Table runner- Favorite Hacks from Target

Table runner oversized simple stripe black/orange from Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia, $24.99, at Target

Command Jewelry Hooks

Katie Hilbert from The Home Sanctuary loves making use of space with command jewelry hooks. “We believe in bringing beauty and function to all projects. These command hooks are an easy way to add an element of design, and they can give any closet or wall space a boutique feel. You can easily see all your necklaces and scarves with these hooks, and you have control of placement/layout to make them work for your space and the pieces you own.”

Find these four-hook panels for $8.19 each at Target.

Command Jewelry and Scarf Rack- Favorite Hacks from Target

Command Jewelry and Scarf Rack, $8.19 each, at Target. Image: Susan Jordan with Love Hunters Photography

Cheers to fun, new hacks! Now, off to Target!


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