Staying home this Spring Break? There are many great places, just a short drive away, to entertain your family. You definitely will not feel like you are in Louisville anymore when you go visit these gems:

Bardstown, Kentucky

Bardstown, established in 1780, is known as the Bourbon Capital of the World. If you are interested in more than the top-notch distilleries, there is great sightseeing, shopping, eating and entertainment here. Shop on North Street and see Stephen Foster’s “My Old Kentucky Home” performance. Read more.

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North Street Shopping is great. Read more.

La Grange, Kentucky

Go into any shop around the historic town of La Grange, Kentucky, and you will see this sign, La Grange: A Train Runs Through It. It will take a minimal amount of time before you realize why. Trains run through the middle of this quaint town, with a main street chock-full of restaurants and shops. Read more.

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“A Train Runs Through It” signs all over La Grange. Read more.

Bernheim Forest

Bernheim Forest is comparable to a national park, is the size of Manhattan, and is only thirty minutes from Louisville. It’s free of charge during the week and $5 a car on the weekends. Go there to hike, explore and play on the playground. There is something for everyone here. Read more.  

They are having special Spring Break activities this week. For more information, click here.

Family hike. Personality types all come out to play here.

Family hike with all sorts of options. Read more.


Westport, Kentucky, is a river town, located 12 miles east past the Oldham County/Jefferson County Line. There’s a nature preserve, a great restaurant and store and a beautiful horse trail. This is a great trip for families or groups. Read more. 


StyleBlueprint on the Prairie. Read more. 

Have a great Spring Break and enjoy your day trips.