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It’s nearly spring, and we are sure that our female readers are already eyeing Derby dress options, as well as bathing suits, shorts and cover-ups for spring break. Our closets are about to be awash in vibrant color, but take a look at your man’s closet. Dark, knit, gray … and did we say dark? It’s time for a little spring cleaning in his closet, too, and you can help by guiding him towards what’s trending for spring.

We asked Bob Bayersdorfer of The Fashion Post what men’s spring trends look like this year. As usual, he was a wealth of information for us. Here are five spring looks, all from The Fashion Post, that he used to illustrate what’s in vogue for your other half:

Gingham Sport Shirts

Gingham sport shirts have been around for more than five years now. But when they came on the scene, and not in a “down home on the farm” kind of way, they were in tamer versions of dark green, navy and red. Well, those days are over, and this season is showing lots of new colors, like pinks, purples and teals, as well as two-tone shirts, which usually have two complementary colors together. These shirts are so easy to wear and versatile because they act as a solid shirt does. Bob says that like a solid shirt, men can wear one every week, and no one would notice that it’s the same gingham shirt like they would with a plaid or checked shirt. Also, these shirts look great with a casual bottom, such as jeans, shorts or khakis, or they can be dressed up, paired with a sport coat and tie. The scale of the tie has to match the gingham, as they cannot fight each other, but it can definitely be done.

mens trends spring
Find 100 percent cotton gingham sport shirts from The Fashion Post, Peter Millar and Scott Barber for $99.50 to $145.

Fancy Socks

Back when men were wearing the same gray suit every day, the only way to differentiate yourself was through your neckwear, and Bob agrees, explaining that a man’s tie used to be the way to express his personality. Nowadays, dressing is more casual, and ties are not worn as often in the workplace. Since you cannot accessorize with a tie or even a pocket square with a casual sport shirt, the next best place to show your style is with your socks, which come in all sorts of colors, patterns and seasonal decor. So while former President George H.W. Bush has been in the fancy sock game for a long time now, he was clearly ahead of his time! Get your man in on the fancy sock trend, too. The Fashion Post carries socks that are made in Italy and are a mid-weight gauge, which is a little heavier than most fancy socks, but provide better comfort and wear.

mens trends spring
Your man can let his personality shine through with some fun, colorful socks. Made in Italy, these fancy 100 percent pima cotton socks have hand-linked toes. These are a mid-weight gauge and priced at $32 each.

Windowpane Sport Coats

Bob says he “won’t rest until all his customers own a windowpane sport coat.”  He’s been promoting the coat’s great look and versatility for years, but what he most loves is that it is a fresh, modern alternative to a navy sport coat. It’s like a gingham shirt in how it acts as a solid, but it’s got a little something extra. The sport coats for spring are linen, and look great with a polo or linen shirt. Don’t fear mixing a check, plaid or gingham shirt with a windowpane sport coat. (See below for inspiration.)

mens trends spring
This windowpane sport coat is made from 100 percent linen from C.W. Denbars, for $295.


Spring always makes a strong appearance in neckwear, with lots of bright and colorful options. Stripes and prints remain in favor, and trending now are “off” colors like aqua, salmon, lilac and mint. Bob claims that these off color ties are so popular, he is worried he has not bought enough for this season. Never fear, they are easy to reorder!

mens trends spring
Check out this assortment of ties from Marchesi Di Como, Robert Talbott and Peter Blair. Prices range from $85 to $155.

Colorful Shorts

Men, please dispose of your cargo shorts. Well, ok, we’ll let you keep them for mowing the grass or fishing. It’s time to pony up for some nice shorts, that are quality made and come in a variety of bright, fun colors and patterns. Most shorts have 9-inch inseams, and that might not be a flattering length for you; get them altered to fit, just as you do your pants. The Fashion Post offers free alterations with purchase. Khakis remain the most popular option, but washed dusty colors are all peaking this spring. Think blues, reds and greens that make a subtle, yet colorful, statement. Men are hard on their shorts (and all warm-weather clothes), with more wash and wear; invest some money in them so you can have them year after year.

mens trends spring
Choose from a parade of colors and patterns, ranging from $75 to $98. Plus, alterations are free when you purchase at The Fashion Post.

Gentlemen, it’s time to start fresh this season. Ladies, take note, as well. We all know how hard it is to get a man to shop!

The Fashion Post is located at 2420 Lime Kiln Lane, Louisville, KY 40222. Hours are Monday through Wednesday and Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thursday, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Learn more at (502) 423-6700.


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