Disgusting. VileScary as hell. That’s how describe the first subject of this post.

Nasty. Pest. Eats my cashmere every winter. That’s how I describe the second subject of this post.

Allow me to introduce the perpetrators:

Subject One:  The Snake

What a fantastic animal. Gulp.

How something with no arms and no legs can scare me to death is beyond logic. Hate them. Hate going to the reptile house at the zoo. Could barely Google these pictures of real snakes. But now….like them in decor. In fact, so many cute snake knick-knacks have been popping up lately. I might, in fact, buy something with a snake on it. I have always loved snakeskin: shoes, bags, wallets. But that, my friends, is because that snake was dead. Now, the trend is moving beyond just snakeskin accessories and into snakes as decoration.

Snake calling cards at www.etsy.com

Garden of Eden Salt and Pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler. Sold at Scout.

I was at Scout, loving their greeting cards, and look around and see so many cute snakes. Snake salt and pepper shakers, snake vase, snake prints in a snakeskin frame. Eve listened; will you???

Would you get the creeps sitting near this? Nope. Available at www.etsy.com

Wallpaper from Anthropologie

Snake vase available at Scout.

Snake textured frame at Scout