I’m hosting a skirt party next month.  Okay, not THAT kind of skirt party.  (All men just stopped reading this article.)  It is a Sevier Skirt Party.

Skirt party

Louisvillians, allow me introduce you to the wonderful world of the custom-made skirt made by Suzanne Sevier Rowland out of Nashville. One look through her website offerings and, like a potato chip, you cannot just pick one. I want all of them. And, considering that everyone is on a capri pants diet, this is a fabulous reward for all your sacrifices.

Suzanne Sevier Rowland

For those of us who are more “difficult” to fit, i.e. moi, this is a great option. I am so many different sizes that I usually buy up a size and alter down to really fit my body right. A Sevier Skirt purchase will alleviate a trip to the alterations place.

There are three different types of skirts: pencil, a-line and swing. I am getting the swing (as a starter skirt-I’m sure there are many many more skirts to follow).

Swing skirt

Suzanne took my measurements over the phone and she is very particular about exactly where to measure so that the skirt fits perfectly to your body. Beyond your measurements, she asks you about YOU. Where will you be wearing the skirt? What do you usually wear? What is your lifestyle? If you are going to go all the way with a custom skirt, you might as well be maximizing its use. Each Sevier skirts is manufactured in Nashville at their facility in a 13 step process. Custom skirts take four weeks to make.

13 steps to produce a custom skirt

The fabrics are divine, at least just from the sampling that I have seen online. Suzanne promises tons of more fabrics at the skirt party that are even better. Her fabrics are from all over the world, and some from her former employer, Mood Designer Fabrics in New York’s Garment District, a fashion designer’s mecca on “Project Runway.”

She also is a wealth of knowledge on what to wear with the skirt. She recommended colors and types of tops that I had not thought of, but that I know will look good with my coloring and body type.

How can you possibly just pick one?

Most of these beautiful skirts are washable. That speaks to me as it should speak to all the busy ladies I know here.

Sevier Skirts also have maternity, tots, pre-teen and ready-to-wear lines. These are all sold online as well.

That was just a hint of what it will be like at the skirt show at my house. You will be able to see and touch all the fabrics. You will be custom fitted by their representatives.  Skirts will be recommended by your body shape and coloring. Are you in yet? Because I definitely am.

July 28- see these in person!  Photo by Mandy Whitley.


Sevier Skirt Party

Thursday, July 28th ~ 10 am to 2 pm and 6 to 9 pm

For more information (to find out party location), please e-mail me at [email protected].  Hope to see everyone there!