Our SB Finds for September indicate that we are ready for fall and football around here, with lots of ways to show your team (and state) spirit. Also, let’s get our bar ready for company coming over to watch all those games …


Monogrammed Bags

Work the Metal is now monogramming handbags, purses and clutches. They have a one-week turnaround time. There are 12 colors of embroidery thread and four different fonts from which to choose. The messenger handbag comes in burnt orange or taupe and retails for $40 (total would be $54 with monogram). The cosmetic bag is $15 (total would be $27 with monogram) and it comes in taupe, green, red and turquoise. Clutches are also available. workthemetal.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Messenger bag, $54 and Cosmetic bag, $27 with monogram at Work the Metal.

Phone Case

Ditch your plain phone case for this orange graphic one from Trina Turk. This is available at Monkee’s of Louisville for $40. www.monkeesoflouisville.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Trina Turk phone case at Monkee’s of Louisville for $40.


These colorful wallets by Spartina have a zip top, which means your cash won’t fall out of your wallet into your purse. They come in a variety of colors and retail for $56 at Apricot Lane. apricotlanelouisville.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Spartina Wallets at Apricot Lane for $56

Perfect Fall Clutch

Summer is kinda over, but it’s really not. It’s actually still summer on the calendar for a few more weeks, but we’re all itchy for a fall wardrobe. This clutch is perfect for September as it’s a bridge piece equally happy in summer as it is in fall. With the dark leather accents, but lighter, slightly metallic faded snakeskin canvas, this bag happily compliments a bevy of wardrobe options. At J McLaughlin for $110.

J McLaughlin clutch

J McLaughlin clutch with canvas and leather, $110.


Rooibee Red Tea for Kids

Rooibee Red Tea has introduced its tea for kids, known as Rooibee Roo. It is USDA certified organic, less than 60 calories, 12 grams of organic cane sugar, 100% vitamin C and no caffeine in each eight ounce serving. It’s a drink kids enjoy and parents enjoy giving to them. RooibeeRedTea.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Rooibee Roo tea for kids, $1.15 a bottle or $14.50 for a case.  Image credit: www.groceryheadquarters.com

Local Coffee

Try this great local coffee the next time you are at Rainbow Blossom or Please & Thank You. Called Good Folks, by Argo Sons Coffee, it retails at Rainbow Blossom for $11.99 a bag or you can buy it from their website. www.argosonscoffee.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Good Folks coffee sold at Rainbow Blossom for $11.99.

Iced Tea

While on the subject of caffeinating, the iced tea at Queen of Sheba definitely qualifies as a find. Strong, with a hint of cardamom and other spices, it’s worth picking up as a separate treat. Read my post about Queen of Sheba here. Check out the rest of their menu here: www.queenofshebalouisville.com.

SB Louisville September Finds

Iced tea at the Queen of Sheba.


Need a great mug for all that coffee and tea you will be drinking? Might as well get one that tells the truth. This is from Louisville Stoneware and retails for $31.20. For sale at Louisville Stoneware or Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft (KMAC).  www.louisvillestoneware.com or www.kmacmuseum.org

SB Louisville September Finds

Louisville Stoneware mugs for $31.20, sold at Stoneware and KMAC.


Team Shirts

No more ugly sportswear for your man. Get him a UK or UofL button-down shirt by Peter Millar, sold at The Fashion Post for $123. They have wonderful “dressier” mens sportswear with the team of your choosing. www.thefashionpost.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Peter Millar UK and UofL button down shirts at The Fashion Post for $123.


Kentucky Diamond Necklace

Do you love your home state enough to say it with diamonds and white gold? I bet you do. This beautiful handmade Kentucky necklace is 18K white gold and diamonds, available at Jordan Clines Jewelers for $1750. jordanclinesjewelers.com

SB Louisville September Finds

White gold and diamond Kentucky necklace. Sold at Jordan Clines Jewelers for $1750.

Metal Cuffs

These metal cuffs are designed by Megan Tierney Metals and are sold at Revelry Boutique. The small is $25 and the large is $35. www.revelrygallery.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Cuffs at Revelry Boutique by Megan Tierney Metals. Large is $35 and small is $25.



Time to break out the fancy ice bucket for company, or for yourself. This is from Mitchell Gold & Bob Williams and it is double-walled, hammered metal. The ice bucket will not sweat on the outside and barely shows a fingerprint.  Sold locally at Scout on Market for $98. scoutonmarket.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Hammered metal ice bucket at Scout for $98.

Hand towels

These natural linen hand towels would be perfect in a powder room or kitchen. Embellished with a fleur de lis, in either white or black, these are available at Gifthorse for $12 each. www.gifthorseshop.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Fleur de lis linen hand towels at Gifthorse for $12/each.

Garden supplies

Need to water your plants, but also need to set it and forget it? Fill these up with water and they will gradually water your plants for you. Plus they are pretty to look at, as well. These garden water balls are sold at Digs for $16  each. digshomeandgarden.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Garden water balls at Digs for $16 each.

Wood glasses

These are handmade wine and martini “glasses” created with natural wood. Wood is actually a great temperature moderator. These are available locally at Circe. The wine glasses are $72 each and the martini glasses are $65 each. www.circeswag.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Handcrafted wooden wine glasses for $72 each and martini glasses for $65 each at Circe.

Cocktail Napkins

Trina Turk has a great orange pattern right now (note the phone case above), and these cocktail napkins really stand out. They will look perfect next to your wooden wine glasses and hammered ice bucket. Sold locally at Fleur de Lis for $29. www.facebook.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Trina Turk cocktail napkins at Fleur de Lis for $29.


To complete the update to your bar, these coasters at Merridian Home Furnishings are made from reclaimed wood. Sold individually for $6 or in a pack of six for $30. www.merridian.com

SB Louisville September Finds

Reclaimed wood coasters at Merridian. Single is $6, or a pack of 6 for $30.



A ZipList mobile app might be the answer for you if you find yourself heading into the grocery without a list because there was no time to itemize what you truly needed. This Apple and Android app will help you create a master list of groceries, sync across multiple devices, scan barcodes, add recipe ingredients with just one click and more. Make a list before you grocery because research shows that it will save you money because there will be fewer impulse buys. Check it out!

ZipList grocery shopping app_SB FINDS Memphis: September 2014

ZipList grocery shopping app, free. Image via ZipList.

Enjoy making a fresh start in September 2014!