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Cathy Shircliff is an unlikely retail owner on paper. With a background in international finance and former job in the policy department of Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Washington D.C., this native Louisvillian made her way back home and opened Pink Julep Boutique in Chenoweth Square last year.


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This boutique is a delight. It is home to my favorite window in town, decorated with clear glass ornaments and fishing line.


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It’s also home to my favorite dressing room, with its circus tent ceilings and pendant lights.


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Lastly, it’s home to some of my favorite wallpaper–snakeskin, which is used around the top of the ceiling.


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The aesthetics of her space live in harmonious accord with the clothing she carries.


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Cathy believes what sets her merchandise apart is the reasonable price relative to the great feeling, high quality fabrics used in the lines she buys. She’s a stickler for fabric that has a soft “hand” (aka feel) and says that when she goes to market, she makes sure to touch every single item of clothing before she buys it.


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She also embraces change, and constantly moves around and adds to her inventory. Pink Julep’s offerings can be very different from one week to the next, sometimes changing just over the weekend.


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If the store’s merchandise and decor don’t draw you in, Cathy’s dog Willie surely will. An ever-present fixture in her store, he has a personality all his own. He loves the UPS man and running down to Three Dog Bakery for treats.




Pink Julep Boutique is located 3935 Chenoweth Square. Visit them on the web


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