What was once a cramped, confined space now functions as the hub of the Dial household. The removal of a wall, lifting of a central beam and a hearty handful of additional upgrades by Randy Word and Broderick Builders, of Nashville, TN, allow Jamie and Lindsay Dial, along with their two children, to live large within the limitations of their 215-square-foot kitchen.

“The kitchen is the heart of the home,” owner Lindsay says, “which is what I always wanted.” The clean lines, functional design and the abundance of natural light make this a welcoming and habitable area for the family of four.

The Dials purchased the 1950s home in February of 2014 and felt the pains of the kitchen and its poor layout for 15 months before deciding to enlist the help of Broderick Builders. The biggest change to the space was removing a wall that divided the kitchen from the main living area. “The kitchen felt like an addition – separated from the rest of the home,” Lindsay says of the space prior to the renovation. Although the square footage did not increase, the open concept, the introduction of texture and updated finishes all helped to create depth to make the most of the snug parameters. Take a look at how the renovations maximize the space for this Nashville family.

Open concept kitchen ideas. Love the open shelving!

This kitchen, located in a Granny White Pike home in Nashville, TN, is the result of a renovation led by Broderick Builders and design inspired by the homeowners.

The layout and dividing wall between the kitchen and the living area limited the functionality of the space for the Dial family.

The layout and dividing wall between the kitchen and the living area limited the functionality of the space for the Dial family.

Previously defined by white ceramic tile and dated cabinetry and appliances, the kitchen did not fit the family’s personality. Lindsay sought a kitchen without the fuss, and she got just that. The mixture of the stone and wood, paired with the white cabinetry and subway tile, provide an aesthetic that is both casual and inviting. Lindsay’s love of classic pieces and an avoidance of embellishments and lavishness dictated the design decisions, and it all came together for a stunning result. Through the renovation, the kitchen came to be a space that did not have to sacrifice on personality or functionality.

The clean, contemporary lines of the subway tile backsplash, chevron floors and bare windows are accentuated by the open shelving. The kitchen was designed to provide ample storage space, meaning the upper cabinetry that was previously set against the kitchen wall is not missed. In place of the cabinetry, open shelving displays pops of color and helps the space feel larger. The trend of open shelving can be off-putting to many, but the Dials welcomed it with open arms. The practical pantry, drawers and other added spots for storage leave the shelves to be adorned with the family’s prettiest pieces.

In contrast to the light, open features of the contemporary space, the wooden countertops, shelves and doors bring a cozy note to an otherwise modern design. As they do in many of the spaces we visit, our eyes were directly attracted to the textured surfaces of the natural features. Wooden countertops are on-trend, making the maple island fitting for the custom kitchen. The edges of the island are finished, as opposed to featuring a live-edge, but the organic feel of the wood can be found in the sliding door that separates the kitchen from the laundry room. The door, along with the shelves and island top, were crafted by Dustin Edison of Built Custom Works. The door, as all of their works, is an art piece with a purpose.

Open shelving in the kitchen -- so great!

The open shelves frame the gas range and create clean lines that are visually appealing, elongate the space and complement the white tiles.

White kitchen with open shelves

The kitchen sink was originally designed to be cast-iron white. Thanks to a last-minute decision, a dark sink was inserted, allowing it to disappear into the design of the kitchen and giving other features the opportunity to stand out.

Raw edge wooden door in this fabulous kitchen

We couldn’t take our eyes off the custom wooden door that is unlike any other we’ve seen. The door perfectly separates the kitchen from the adjoining mudroom and laundry space. It adds personality and character to the space without outshining the other design elements.

One piece of the kitchen that was not subject to renovation is the corner of windows overlooking a back patio. Anyone who has faced the struggle to make an interior space feel larger understands the benefit of natural light. Additionally, the natural light enhances the neutral color palette. The windows and easy access to the gas range, refrigerator and sink were Lindsay’s main requirements and the layout was made possible by the designs of Birmingham-based designer, Season Lane. With professional culinary experience in her back pocket, Lindsay has come to understand the importance of a well-laid-out kitchen. The island, which houses the sink, ice maker and dishwasher, is close to the stove, making it easy to navigate while prepping meals for her husband and two kids. In addition to housing some of the key appliances in the kitchen, the island doubles as a family dining space. Despite a formal dining room steps away, the family shares the majority of their meals around the island. Each detail was perfectly planned and expertly executed, allowing the kitchen to be the heart of the home, as it is intended to be.

Open concept kitchen ideas: white kitchen with a wooden countertop.

The windows overlook a back patio and allow natural light to flood the space. The open concept flows almost seamlessly into the living space (located behind the island stools). There is a threshold that separates the two spaces, necessary because the kitchen sits on a concrete slab and there is a height difference between the spaces. Randy Word, of Broderick Builders, was able to insert a wood piece that allows the rooms to flow together. This feature is now one of the homeowners’ favorite parts of the new design.

Pendant lighting over the island in this white kitchen with open shelving.

The island is anchored by two pendant lights. We are attracted to the industrial touch of the metal and how it pairs nicely with the wooden features and modern elements.

Thank you to the Dial family for opening their home to us and thank you to Broderick Builders for walking us through the process. For a full listing of resources, please see below. Today’s images were shot by Wiff Harmer. Visit her website to see more of her stunning photography work.