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Former StyleBlueprint employee and part-time stylist Meghan Tinker was accustomed to helping others look their best. When she came across U.K.-based company House of Colour on social media, her curiosity was piqued — and she knew she wanted to bring its services to the South. She’s now helping Kentuckians look fabulous and radiate confidence by delivering accurate color and style analysis to find the hues that harmonize with their skin, hair, and eye color. She also works with clients’ body types and personalities to help determine their individual style. Meet the owner of House of Colour Louisville and our inspiring new FACE of Louisville, Meghan Tinker! 

Meghan Tinker of House of Colour Louisville

Meghan Tinker is the owner of House of Colour Louisville and our newest FACE!

How did you discover House of Colour?

I stumbled across House of Colour the same way I come across lots of good things: on Instagram. I had been working as a part-time stylist for more than 10 years, but I didn’t have any formal training. I knew I was really good at dressing myself, but if somebody had a different body type or different coloring, I wasn’t confident about making the right choices for them. So, when I saw a few friends in other parts of the country sharing before and after pictures from House of Colour, my curiosity was piqued — I wanted to have that done!

And did you?

Well, I looked up the corporate website to find out where the nearest location was — and it was in Des Moines, Iowa. There wasn’t one in Nashville, or Cincinnati, or anywhere in Indiana; nowhere conveniently drivable from Louisville. I was like, we need one of these here!

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So, you brought one to Louisville in Summer 2020.

Yes. When I started looking into the business, I found out it’s a franchise based out of the United Kingdom. When you buy a franchise, you are trained in color analysis and style analysis. Now that’s what I do every day — and it’s the most rewarding career I’ve ever had.

Before and after transformation at House of Colour Louisville

BEFORE & AFTER: You can see the impact that the vibrant color selection has on this woman.

Before & after color transformation

BEFORE & AFTER: On this woman, warm earth tones complement her skin, eye, and hair coloring.

What is color and style analysis?

Let’s start with color analysis, which has been around since the 1930s but come and gone in the U.S. in terms of trendiness. Everyone’s color palette is associated with one of the four seasons. Autumn and spring are the warm palettes. Autumn includes your earthy colors, while spring is bright and splashy. The cool palettes, winter and summer, are blue-based colors. Winter is vibrant, contrast, bright, and cool. Summer is soft, almost like watercolors. We use a series of drapes that help us narrow down someone’s most flattering color palette.

Once they have that information, it will help them make decisions from head to toe. For example, if you’re adding color to your hair, you’ll know whether to go with icy blond or warm blond; picking the wrong one would make you feel washed out, but you might not even realize why. It’ll also help with makeup and clothing choices. I always tell my clients that there’s no color police; no one is going to be analyzing what you wear — but having accurate color palette information will simplify shopping and make putting outfits together so much easier. And it will make them feel more confident.

Style analysis is the other half of the puzzle. It’s not about the latest fads or trends; instead, it takes your body architecture, your face shape, and your personality into account. I give my clients guardrails; I tell them that if they stick to them, they’re probably going to love their look. But if they want to venture out and break the rule with the current fashion craze, they can do so with less-expensive pieces.

What would you say to someone who is thinking about having their color and/or style analysis done?

If you’ve ever opened your closet and felt like you had nothing to wear or you’re constantly getting rid of pieces you’ve worn only once, your money might be better invested into an analysis. So, I would say go down the rabbit hole. It’s such a visual process, so if you’re wondering what it’s like, look at some pictures. I post all the time on Instagram at @houseofcolorlouisville. Do your research, and feel free to ask us questions.

Where can people find House of Colour outside of the Bluegrass?

My Louisville partner Nikki Snow and I have another partner — Lindsey Kapala — in Carmel, Indiana, which is right outside of Indianapolis. We also have a studio opening in Brentwood, Tennessee, this spring.

House of Colour Louisville team

The House of Colour Louisville team is ready to help you find your perfect palette!

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What are three color and style tips that anyone can incorporate into their daily routine?

First, everyone can do a true red lipstick. That’s why it is harmonious on all four palettes. If you’re warm — an autumn or a spring — you’ll often look best in a warm red, like a brick or poppy. If you’re a cool winter or summer, then you often look best in a cooler red or a burgundy. But if you’re unsure, stick with a true red lipstick or scarf for a pop of color, and you’re good to go.

Secondly, let’s talk about the workplace. It’s gotten so casual over the last decade, and COVID pushed us right into sweatpants. If you’re headed back into the office and everyone is dressing more casually, add a jacket for authority. It doesn’t have to be a full suit; a little linen jacket is fine. You can pair it with a T-shirt or a more casual blouse. Either way, it communicates a level of authority.

My third tip is this: Almost everyone has colors that are better than black. I would say that about 95 percent of people who come into my studio are wearing black. Black exists in the winter palette and winters need contrast. Black provides that contrast, but even winters often look better in a really dark navy or charcoal. Wearing color rather than black will almost always make you appear more approachable.

Meghan Tinker and client

Meghan helps her client hone in on her ideal colors!

What is the best advice you’ve ever given or received?

I don’t know whether I said this to my husband or if he said it to me, but it’s our mantra: Doers keep doing. If you’re kind of in the middle of something difficult, just keep plowing through and you’ll get to the sunny side.

Aside from faith, family, and friends, what are three things you can’t live without?

Lipstick; my super cozy bamboo sheets; and Iron Tribe, where I work out.

Thank you, Meghan! All photography courtesy of House of Colour Louisville.


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