Louisville fashion shows are a different breed. They don’t break new ground. They don’t profile new designers. Anna Wintour is not vying for a ticket.

But, here’s what they do accomplish: They show the best of what you can buy locally. They show us how to wear the latest looks that are available. In other words, Louisville fashion shows are epitome of the user-friendly.

If Louisville is going to show people how to dress and how to buy their looks locally, they need to enlist a professional. A Louisville professional. Someone who knows where to go, what to do and how to get it done in a minimal amount of time.

styleblueprint_theluxe (6)

Guess who’s the stylist in charge?

That someone is Andre Wilson. You know Andre as a stylist. You know Andre and his talent for helping get Louisville men and women dressed for everything from a cocktail party, to Derby, to their new job. Andre has been a stylist on many fashion show in town. You know Andre from his advice on how to dress in a post we ran this summer: louisville.styleblueprint.com/ten-fashion-lessons.

There is a new fashion show here in Louisville this fall: The Luxe Fashion Experience. This Experience is actually two shows. The first show is for women on October 3 and the second show is for men on October 4. The women’s fashion show will spotlight some of the hottest fall trends from local boutiques and national designers.




The second night is about men’s fashion, focused on men’s clothing, grooming, and day-to-day style. Andre is encouraging women to go, because we all know most men need our help.



Tip to tail, he has produced the entire event. This is more than just a fashion show, it is an experience, and a deluxe one at that, featuring a VIP lounge where you will be treated to signature cocktails, VIP areas, innovative fashion products and a fashion photo experience that will have everyone talking and sharing for weeks after the event.

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Lists upon lists.

This event takes a lot of hard work. Andre invited me behind the scenes into the planning phase of the event to see what it is really all about. I have newfound respect for Andre, having seen the myriad checklists and elements involved orchestrating this event.

The show will be at the Ice House downtown on Washington St. This is a great venue with an upstairs VIP lounge area that opens up to the large first floor.

styleblueprint_theluxe (5)

This is the space for the VIP Lounge–it will overlook the first floor runway.


There is also a terrace outside for guests to mingle.

styleblueprint_theluxe (7)

Guests can mingle on the terrace and have other “fashion experiences.”

Guests will be treated to over 70 looks from local retailers Collections, Serendipity, Dillard’s and Sunny Daize.

I accompanied Andre to Dillard’s to preview the looks for men and women. He canvasses every store in advance, but does not select or pull the clothes until the week before.

styleblueprint_theluxe (1)

Looking for the perfect suit.

I don’t want to ruin the surprise, but we looked at leather, jackets and power suiting for women. For men, we perused beautiful suits, bow ties and ties and casual wear.

styleblueprint_theluxe (3)

Yes, gentlemen, you can wear a tie just because.

Now that you have had a sneak peek into Andre’s vision, join him for this uniquely Louisville experience. For more information and tickets to the Luxe Experience, click here www.styleiconllc.com.