One look at Louisville native Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars told me a couple things. One, she has the luxury of youth and perkiness. But, more noticeable than her lack of undergarments was her lack of jewelry. All she wore were small hoop earrings and a small bracelet on her right wrist. Get your magnifiers out ladies, that is it. Where’s the Harry Winston? Where’s the Cartier? It is strange watching these girls parade up the red carpet without security detail from said jeweler following them. They seem positively lonely.

Oh to be young again…

Those diamonds on Sandra Bullock, which appear to be the size of dimes, are the jewelry all she has on. I bet she wears those to Kroger to pick up some milk for her darling baby. I know I would be wearing those in carpool line if they were mine. But, Sandra Bullock could be wearing the Hope Diamond with this dress — and chose not to do so.

Diamonds as big her eyeballs

These ladies, and many more that night, all opted for a plainer, less-adorned look. The clear trend is simple and sleek: the classic “less is more” mentality. Most of the Spring 2011 fashion shows showed no jewelry on their models.

Let’s take this theory home to the Speed Art Museum Ball held the first Saturday in March. While there was simple tasteful jewelry, there were definitely some statement pieces.

On the right, Karen Crain’s red necklace by Summer Eliason was my favorite piece at the ball. Her simple black dress was the perfect foundation for this necklace, which was made of a thick piece of silk red cording, red beading and feathers with a silver clasp. For Karen, she wanted to “add some color and flair to a basic black gown that I had worn 5 years ago to the same event. To me the necklace helped me feel like I had a new look.”

Or Anne Moreman, a vision in white with a multi-strand pearl choker, cuff bracelet and drop earrings, a trifecta of jewels.

Then flash forward a couple of months to Derby time.

Jewels v. Bare


In my perusal of so many many pictures of friends and beautiful ladies, I noticed that a turn to “lighter” more delicate jewelry was worn. The bigger the hat or the fascinator, the smaller the jewels.

See how my Louisville friends were spot on:

Louisville friends don’t disappoint

And my Pennsylvania friend….maybe next year. This was your red shirt year, Kate:

Feathers, check. Every piece of jewelry I own, check. 15 tan towels, check.

So this theory does not hold water here in Louisville, Kentucky. Adornment is still in full effect. With all of our great local jewelers and artists, how could we not represent them?

I asked local jeweler Becky McClellan, from W&M Jewelry, if she has noticed any of these trends. She agrees that the “less is more” trend has not hit Louisville.  However, she sees the current fashion as buying one statement piece: really fabulous earrings, an “in-your-face” necklace or a beautiful bracelet. She also sees a generational trend: older customers are buying sets; younger customers buy one statement piece.

Less is more? The jury is still out on that one. Here’s my advice to Jennifer Lawrence, our hometown rising star: next time you walk the red carpet, and there will be many next times for you, WEAR THE JEWELRY. If you opt out, please call me and I’ll be your attache walking behind you dripping in diamonds. No problem, my pleasure to help.