It’s over. Time to turn the page on 2015 and welcome the year 2016. Are you checking off those resolutions dutifully? Starting fresh with clean eating and workouts? Good for you. Today, with our SB FINDS for January, we will offer you a respite from all that regimen. Here are warm, comfy clothes and cozy digs for your home. As long as we are on the topic of soft, let’s address your skin, too.


All natural soaps

Made from shea butter and all-natural ingredients, these locally made soaps are delightful, leaving your skin soft and smelling good all day. They are ideal for a powder room, but feel free to use them in the shower, as well. They come in different Louisville molds, such as horses and fleur de lis. Sold at Dolfinger’s for $7.50 a bar.

handmade soaps

Locally made soaps at Dolfinger’s for $7.50 each

Makeup glasses and LED tweezers

So, you wear cheaters sometimes. So it’s difficult to put one’s makeup on with cheaters, right? These glasses at Work the Metal have a single lens that flips back and forth, so that you can complete one eye and then flip over to the other to finish the job. The glasses come in all strengths and are great for home or travel. They sell for $7 a pair.

Makeup magnifier glasses

Makeup magnifier glasses sold at Work the Metal for $7 a pair

Let there be light! While you’re seeing clearly, go ahead and tweeze your eyebrows. These aren’t regular tweezers — they have an LED light on them, illuminating all the hairs you usually miss. Also sold at Work the Metal for $7 a pair

LED tweezers

Tweezers with an LED light for $7 each at Work the Metal

Brow serum

Maybe you have gone a little too far, a few too many times, with those LED tweezers. Instead of looking surprised for the rest of your life, there is relief by way of the Restore It Enhancing Serum for Brows, which helps to regenerate your hair with all natural ingredients. Don’t worry, it only stimulates pre-existing hair follicles, so you won’t have a face full of hair. Sold at European Wax Center for $20

brow serum

Restore It Brow Serum at European Wax Center for $20 | Image: European Wax Center


Lip and body scrub

“Well, kiss my grits,” said Flo from the TV show “Alice.” (This may be before your time.) Who knew she could get such soft skin and lips from those grits? This lip and body scrub is made from stone ground grits from Georgia and gently exfoliates all that dead skin, while leaving it soft as a baby’s bottom afterward. Made with  a little cane sugar too, it smells great; in fact, people love to lick the lip scrub off! Sold at Urban Farmhouse Market, the lip scrub is $15 and the body scrub is $29.

lip and body scrub

Kiss My Grits lip scrub for $15 and body scrub for $29 at The Urban Farmhouse Market



Fendi sells a fur pompom to accessorize your handbag to the tune of more than $500 each. You can still have that fun look, for a much cheaper price. These rabbit fur pompoms are sold at Merci Boutique for $75.

pom pom

Decorative rabbit fur pompoms for your handbag, sold at Merci Boutique for $75 each

pom pom

How the pompom looks on a tote


Otherwise known as a Mantraband, this band reminds you of your purpose, and also acts as an inspiration affirmation. Sold at B. You Fitness for $38, these simple, streamlined bands can be worn during your workout and for the rest of the day. With many different positive messages, it will be hard to pick just one.

mantra bands

Mantra bands at B. You Fitness support you always for $38.


Baby, it’s cold outside! You know the rule, cover your head and your hands and you will be warm. Might as well cover them in cashmere, especially your head. These soft and luxurious toboggans are sold at M.E. Modern Elegance for $49.50. Your ears will thank you!

cashmere toboggan

Cashmere blend toboggans at M.E. Modern Elegance for $49.50


Socks are so boring to buy, but so darn appreciated when you have a good pair. So buy one for you from you and let your tootsies be warm and happy. These Solmate socks are hand knit in America and each pair is mismatched; the color scheme may be the same, but no two socks are alike. These are sold for $19 at Clay & Cotton.

hand knitted socks

Solmate hand-knit socks at Clay & Cotton for $19 a pair



It’s cold, and we’re thinking warm and soft for everything we wear this season. But maybe not too warm, right? This top is two layers; there is a gray camisole underneath with an overlay of lightly woven soft coral and gray. This comes in coral and gray and white and gray from the Shirt Shop, and is sold for $80. Wear it with jeans or leggings, and you are going to want to sleep in it, too. It’s that comfy.

coral top

Soft, long-sleeve, gray and coral top at The Shirt Shop for $80

Fur-collar coats

What is your coat situation this winter? Besides your puffer coat, do you have something a little nicer? Here’s a great solution. These fur-collar coats come in camel, winter white and black from Liv Boutique. These are sold for $230 and will keep you looking sharp and feeling warm all winter.

fur collar coats

These beautiful fur-collar coats at Liv Boutique come in winter white, camel and black for $230.


Ponchos and wraps are the tunic of the winter; wear them with absolutely everything and they are flattering on everyone. Such a great staple! This suede, fringe poncho wrap from Boutique Serendipity is a fancier take on the poncho wrap, and who can say no to fringe (not me). This is $138.

Suede fringe poncho at Serendipity for $138.

Suede, fringe poncho at Boutique Serendipity for $138

Suede and fur vest

Clarification: this is a vegan suede and faux fur vest that keeps you incredibly warm for a very admirable price point of only $38 at General Eccentric. We did a double take on that price, too, after feeling this vest. It’s a flattering fit, covering all the right parts at all the right times.

vegan leather vest

Vegan leather, fur-lined vest at General Eccentric for $38



Your door sure is lonely without any adornment. We suggest you keep a wreath on it all winter long to ease the transition out of the holidays. These flat twig wreaths come in large and small varieties at Digs.  You can layer these wreaths like necklaces, with a large twig wreath and a smaller wreath of greenery or berries on top. The small is $44 and the large is $75.

flat twig wreath

Flat twig wreaths in small for $44 and large for $75 at Digs


Time to change out all the red and green holiday pillows. This is a coated fabric with a metallic design that is a warm neutral with a bit of shine. It will help reflect the snow outside and still look seasonal. This pillow is sold at the Lee W. Robinson Company for $210.

metallic pillow

Flame stitch designer fabric pillow at Lee W. Robinson for $210

Succulent and tray

Not all greenery has to leave your home in the winter. Succulents are user-friendly and look even better in their own tray. This succulent is $155 at Merridian Home Furnishings and the refurbished wooden handle tray is $45. Buy them together as a pair or individually.

reclaimed wood tray

Butterfly succulent, $155, on a reclaimed wood handled tray, $45, from Merridian Home Furnishings

Nesting trays

Why have only one nesting tray, when you have have three beautiful ones? These trays at Robin’s Nest Interiors can be displayed together or separately. Use them to store all your knickknacks or show them alone. They add an element of shine and texture to your wintry decor. A set of three is $169.

nesting trays

Leaf nesting trays at Robin’s Nest Interiors are $169 for a set of three.

Cuddle up, feather your nest, and get cozy and warm this season!